Campanula Tee


After less than a week of Me-Made-May had passed, although I  hadn’t been struggling to find something to wear in the morning yet, I could already tell there’d be some instances that would prove more problematic: I knew that, when I would have the opportunity to spend a whole day at home, it would not be natural for me to get dressed in something other than sweats or pyjamas (I’m glam like that 😀 ).


So I decided to sew myself something to wear at home! I had noticed a cute T-shirt in this Ottobre magazine I bought a couple of months ago and I had a small length of rayon jersey knit in my stash that seemed to be the perfect match.

The pattern only has two pieces and it was quite easy to sew per se, but the fabric, oh, the fabric! It was a PAIN to cut and a PAIN to sew, let me tell you! It was so flowy and elastic I had to starch the hell out of it for it to even remotely cooperate!


I thought I could sew such a simple piece in one day, but I had to sew and unpick the neckline about five times and give it a night’s sleep before I could finish it. It’s not perfect by any means (see the slight puckering at the neckline?), but I don’t think anyone but me is going to see the imperfections, and let’s just say I was glad to be over! 🙂

About the neckline, the only modification I made to the pattern is making it a little bit smaller, thanks to the pointers of someone who had sewn the T-shirt, unless you count substituting narrow ribbon for the recommended clear elastic to stabilise the shoulder seams as a modification (it’s always nicer to use what I have on hand).


Despite the uncooperative fabric, I’m very happy with the end result. It’s nothing sensational of course, but it’s exactly what I needed: a basic tee I can wear at home that is also cute enough to be worn outside (its unusual cut means it drapes quite nicely against the hips).

I’ve already been wearing it all day yesterday, Day 9 of Me-Made-May! 🙂

13 thoughts on “Campanula Tee

    • Oh no, sewing with knits is easy! It’s just this very thin and elastic rayon knit that was horrible to sew, but the more stable cotton knits I used in the past were not that difficult, really!

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    • Yes, I realised afterwards that I was seeing problems where in reality everything was just fine, that’s kind of my specialty! 😀
      You should definitely give it a try: easy to sew, easy to wear, what’s not to like? In fact I’ve been so happy with this version that I’ve recently made a second one!

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