Me-Made-May ’13 – Week Five / The End!

It’s over! I can’t believe I made it to the end and I stuck to my pledge!!!

DAY 27

Day27The skirt is me-made, you’ve seen it twice already (on Day 2 and Day 21). I said before I was sure I would be wearing it a lot more during the month since it is one of my favourite pieces, but the fact that I didn’t have to resort to it too often is actually a good sign: it means I did find other things I was as happy to wear. But on Day 26 I was feeling bizarrely fed up with the whole choosing an outfit thing (and taking my picture, as you can see by my face – this is the picture where I least looked like I wanted to kill myself!), so I was glad I could turn to my “uniform” for days I don’t want to bother but still want to feel cute: this skirt with black tights, T-shirt, cardigan and accessories.

DAY 28


You always have more time to pick an outfit on days when you don’t work, so I was able to experiment a little more than usual with my me-made skirt (seen on Day 7 and Day 18). Still don’t know whether I really liked this outfit or not. But do you see how dark the picture is (after I lightened it A LOT)? There was so much rain on that day, it was like taking a picture at night.

DAY 29

Day29A me-made cardigan (worn on Day 24) with a vintage dress (from the eighties I think) I love. Not the most flattering combination and the colors are a little bland, but I liked the twenties flair of the outfit anyway.

DAY 30

Day30The skirt (also see Day 17, Day 19 and Day 25), cardigan (see Day 23) and hat are me-made. Looks like I needed cheerful colors on a very gloomy day.


I had totally forgotten about this hat and rediscovered it by opening my biggest hat box which I needed in order to carry the hat I’m working on to and from millinery class. It’s the very first hat I ever made! I made it two years ago in this two-day millinery training I took; it’s a one-piece felt with hand-molded brim. There’s a blue stain under the brim and I picked grosgrain instead of petersham ribbon for the sweatband and the trimming, plus I didn’t sew that grosgrain very professionally, but I still quite like the form and I sure LOVE the bright color!

DAY 31

Day31I didn’t know what to wear, then I realised I hadn’t worn this cardigan (the link is in French) I love yet, and I thought it would pair nicely with the me-made dress I wore on Day 6. About the dress, I think it looks better with flat shoes than with heels. The cardigan is a little short (especially the sleeves) but I still love it (it has bows! And it sparkles!).

And that’s it for Me-Made-May ’13! I was so happy not to take my picture this weekend!!!

Though Me-Made-May was not as difficult as I had anticipated (i.e. I actually made it to the end of the month), I must say it was still really challenging to find 31 different coherent outfits throughout the month. I’m really glad I took part in the challenge as it had me experiment a lot more than I usually do with my outfits, and it also highlighted a few gaps in my wardrobe (trousers, relaxed clothing and a dressier jacket) and helped me see how I should also sew more separates to be able to diversify my outfits a little more (though I still love wearing dresses and will never stop sewing those!). Also, it made me totally comfortable wearing hats on a more regular basis, yay!

There are still a few me-made pieces I didn’t wear during the month, for various reasons:

this winter sweater is too warm, even for such a cold month of May (especially at work where the heating is still on and we have to open the windows in order not to faint because of the heat – nope, we can’t turn it off or down and nope, that’s not so green!).

This knitted blouse (link in French), my beloved Datura, a refashioned T-shirt and two summer dresses are going to have to wait for warmer days for me to be able to wear them.

– I fell out of love with a blouse and a dress I made at the very beginning of my sewing “career” and I’m going to either reuse the fabric or donate them, like the dress I wore on Day 5. The same goes for three sweaters and a cardigan I knit that look like sacks: they’re going to the “unravel and reuse the yarn” pile, no regrets.

This jacket I don’t know: it’s cute but not very practical with its 3/4 sleeves and especially the fact that it has no pockets. I’ve NEVER worn it. Not once. I’ll keep it for now because I’m not ready to part with it yet (I put a lot of work into it) and I’ll reassess it in the future.

Wow, I now also have a sort of record of all of my me-made clothing (minus some hats and scarves)! Thank you Zoe for hosting such a great challenge!

2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’13 – Week Five / The End!

  1. You look so cute! I lurrrve your denim Beignet, that whole outfit in fact, and I wish I could knit so I could make myself that sweater from day 29.

    • Oooh, thank you, that’s so nice! And if you ever learn to knit, it’s a fairly easy project: it was the first sweater I ever knitted (after countless boring scarves).

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