April Fools’ Sweater

AprilFool1It‘s finished!!! I can’t believe it took me so long to finish such a simple project: I began knitting this sweater on April 1st, which means it took me almost three months! I usually knit a sweater in one and a half to two months, but with this one, after a great start with the back, the front took me forever to complete, among other because I kept screwing up the part with the eyelet bows and having to frog and reknit it. After that I kind of lost my mojo and had to wait until I reached the second sleeve to find it again. And now it’s too hot to wear a sweater, waaaah!

AprilFool2But I still have a cute new sweater, yay! It’s exactly as I had envisioned, no surprise about the size or whatever, phew! All in all it was fairly easy to knit (the mistakes I kept doing on the bows where due to my lack of attention, that’s all), especially for my first real foray into colorwork (I don’t know whether to call this sweater colorwork – the chart was so easy).

The pattern is #3 in Phildar Magazine N°69:

Pull3As you can see I’ve changed the colours a bit! I liked the original ones, but I wanted my sweater to be as versatile as possible and I don’t think you could wear such colours in many different outfits. So I chose beige and dark blue, even though I already own a sweater in those colours, because I like nautical style a lot and I thought the form of this sweater was different enough from the other one. And who knows, I might even knit a third one someday seeing as I bought way to much yarn for this project and I still have five balls (almost six) of the beige yarn and four of the blue. 😀

AprilFool3How do you invisibly seam up a striped knit? I couldn’t stop the beige yarn I used to sew the sweater from showing a tiny bit in some places on the blue stripes. I hate seaming up knits!

But what I hated doing the most knitting this sweater was the collar band! Phildar always has this crazy idea of having you knit the collar band separately and sewing it to the sweater afterwards (they don’t seem to know circular needles even exist – they NEVER have you use them). I usually ignore that part and pick up the stitches to knit the collar band directly on the sweater. But this time, my circular needle would not cooperate. I don’t know whether that’s because my hands were sweaty from the heat or just because the needle was poor quality, but after hours (yes, hours! – my left forefinger is still a little numb) of suffering and not even managing to complete one row, I finally had to literally cut the cable of the needle to save the sweater and, the horror, resolve to using the dreaded Phildar method.

AprilFool4Look how cute the back is! They don’t show it in the magazine (you only discover it by reading the instructions!) but it was a pleasant surprise. I thought the pretend button placket looked a little sad without any buttons, so I added three.

So, when’s the cold weather coming back so that I can wear my new sweater?

24 thoughts on “April Fools’ Sweater

  1. Bonjour,
    Tes créations et la manière dont tu les mets en avant est très sympa. Quand j’ai vu que tu faisais aussi tes chapeaux, je me suis dit wow ! C’est une fille à rencontrer autour d’un thé et des gaufres et papoter de créations pendant des heures. Merci pour ce que tu nous proposes

  2. Ah ah! C’était donc la manche de ce joli pull que tu tricotais à la soirée tricot!! 😉
    J’aime beaucoup le résultat et ton choix de couleurs donne une toute autre dimension au modèle: ça lui donne un petit côté plus marin/rétro dont je raffole!! C’est vraiment réussi et ça te va super bien!! 🙂
    Bon je crois que ton souhait concernant les températures va être exaucé ce WE! Tu pourras surement porter ton nouveau pull!! 🙂
    Et maintenant as-tu un nouveau projet tricot en ligne de mire??!! 🙂
    A bientôt!!

    • C’est bien la manche de ce pull que j’ai terminée avec jubilation lors de la soirée tricot!
      Et oui, désolée, on dirait que mon souhait a été exaucé, les Dieux de la météo ne comprennent pas le second degré apparemment… En plus je ne suis pas sortie de la journée, donc je n’ai même pas porté mon pull, c’est un comble!
      Sinon, bien sûr que j’ai déjà un nouveau tricot en ligne de mire, et même sur mes aiguilles! J’ai terminé mon pull hier et commencé le nouveau aujourd’hui: un pull à manches courtes extrait d’un vieux Phildar (n° 26 / hiver 2009-2010). Déjà 15 rangs sur les 100 rangs de jersey du dos, youpie! 😀

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  4. Hi – This is lovely! Any idea where I can get the pattern in the uk? Tried to get through ravelry but doesn’t seem to be a download 😦

    • Thanks! I have no idea where to get a Phildar pattern in the UK. 😦 They only exist in magazines, there are no downloads available and I don’t think Phildar patterns even exist in English. Maybe try on a ravelry forum, somoneone there might be more helpful?

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