21st of July Playsuit

July21.1Remember I teased you about an upcoming refashion project? Well, it took me a looooong time, but I here it is at last!


I heart pockets.

I almost threw in the towel numerous times on this one… At first I didn’t have a playsuit in mind but a dress, but it was impossible to get all the pattern pieces on the fabric. Then I thought of a playsuit after seeing one in a book I was reading, so I dug through old issues of Burda magazine and found this pattern. I thought it would be pretty easy to shorten the legs and add shoulder straps (I don’t do strapless), which it was. I also thought I would it would be easy to place the pieces of this small playsuit on the fabric of the huge eighties dress… which it was not.


Do you see any bra straps showing? I don’t!

The dress was very old and there were holes and black stains in a few places, which made it a real headache to place every pattern piece on the fabric. I had to think about it for two whole days before I found a solution. And it was the layout that determined the length of the legs, so I was afraid the whole time that they would be too short.

July21.4You can see on the above picture that I used black seam binding inside the hem. It helped me keep as much length as possible. About the hem: I actually didn’t have a fabric piece big enough to cut the second leg, so I had to add a scrap of fabric to fill the gap. That scrap of fabric from hell was almost the end of me: I don’t know why (well, I think the grain must have shifted while sewing it or something), but it sat in a weird way that made the hem of the shorts awfully uneven. I don’t know how many times I had to redo that small part, but I was ready to give up.

Finally I got a tolerable result so I decided to power through… and now I don’t really see the problem if I’m not looking for it specifically. This is so often the case with my sewing projects: I obsess about a detail almost to the point of tossing the project away, but once I wear the completed project I completely forget about that detail…

July21.5I was really afraid such a playsuit would not suit my figure very well, so when I first tried it on I was relieved to see that it was actually pretty cute. I’m not used to seeing such an ample top on myself, but with the flowy fabric I think it works.

Also the length of the shorts had me doubt, but with the heat we’ve had these last few days I’ve gotten into the habit of showing my bare legs again and I don’t think it looks that scandalous.

July21.6I cut a size 36 for the top and graded up from a size 36 at the waist to a size 38 at the hips for the bottom. I have plenty enough room even though my hip measurement would be closer to a size 40. As regards the two elastics, I have no idea of their length because I pulled them around my waist/bust until I found them snug enough so I didn’t measure them.

I used black cotton voile for the pockets and for the wrong side of the shoulder straps. You can see it peek out from time to time, but I think it looks nice against the black polka dots (which, come to think of it, you can’t really see in the pictures because they are so small), so there’s no real problem here.

The buttons I used came from an old cardigan of mine.

July21.7I finished the playsuit yesterday, which was Belgium’s National Day, so it was quite suiting that I wore black, yellow and red, which are Belgium’s national colours! These are colours I don’t usually like together, but with only a touch of yellow (my rubber duck earrings, and you could also count my golden sandals and straw hat as yellow), I think it works.

So even though this won’t be my most worn garment (playsuits are not renowned for their practicality), I still find it cute and will most definitely wear it in the unexpected heat of this Belgian summer and in Spain where I’ll be spending three weeks in August.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I can also totally see it worn in Fall with black tights and a black cardigan… Or is it just me? Well, if the frail vintage fabric holds up until then, that is!


25 thoughts on “21st of July Playsuit

  1. Ouh pinaise!! Le jaune de ce mur est juste trop beau!! Je suis jalousie!! 🙂
    Cette reconversion de robe kitsch se finit bien!! T’as bien fait de t’acharner car le résultat est très chouette et te va vraiment bien (la partie bouffante ne me choque pas du tout, ni la longueur du short d’ailleurs!).
    Je valide totalement l’ajout des bretelles: après avoir jeter un coup d’oeil au modèle original, je trouve ta version mille fois mieux! T’es trop forte!! 🙂
    Et moi aussi j’arrive à l’imaginer en version hiver avec collants et gilet!! Faut rentabiliser la création jusqu’au bout didiou!! 🙂
    A bientôt!!

    • Thanks! The insctructions of the pattern are not always very clear (I didn’t completely understand their method of sewing the elastic casings), as is always the case with Burda, but it’s a very easy pattern so you should be able to figure everything out by yourself.

    • Hehe, I love those earrings too! I even own two pairs of them: the one I’m wearing on the pictures, with a black bow, and another pair without the bow so that I can wear them when I’m not wearing any black. Okay, I’m a freak! 😀

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  3. j’adore!! it looks really gorgeous!! et effectivement c’est le look qu’il faut avec cette chaleur bruxelleoise… c’est dingue!! j’aime beaucoup le détail des boutons noirs…allez-hop je vais retenir le modèle, en espérant de le faire un jour :))

    • Merci! C’est un modèle vraiment facile (à part qu’il faut se farcir le rajout de marges de coutures comme toujours avec Burda), n’hésite pas! Je viens de faire un tour sur ton blog, félicitations!

      • merci beaucoup pour félicitations :))!!
        oui, oui, effectivement l’histoire des marges de couture chez burda, c’est pénible comme tout… j’ai toujours tendance à en faire des trop larges et du coup les choses ne tombent pas comme il faut…

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