¡Hasta luego!

SpanishDollI’ll be in Spain for the next three weeks!

I had to leave my sewing machines at home of course, but at least I did find some space in my luggage for the materials for my next knitting project.

Oh, and I have to say it’s a nice feeling when you realise you’re packing more and more me-made clothing each summer!

Now off to take some Xanax for me to be able to set foot on the plane (I’m not even kidding)…

¡Hasta pronto!

11 thoughts on “¡Hasta luego!

    • I did have fun (and HOT weather) in your beautiful country! I didn’t visit Dali’s exhibition while I was in Madrid but I went to the Museo del Traje and the Prado (among many others – my boyfriend the Art historian made sure we visited as many sites as possible).

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