Vuelta Al Cole Sweater

VueltaAlCole1There’s no more denying it, holidays are over. I came back from Spain a week ago, and I went back to work last Tuesday. I told you before leaving that I had taken the materials for a knitting project with me, Andi Satterlund‘s Chuck sweater. In my mind, this would be the perfect sweater for your first day back at school, so I was really excited to knit it in August in order to wear it on my first workday in September, with autumny skirt and tights.

Well, no such luck, the weather has been unusually warm for a Belgian September, so I had to wear tightless skirts and summer tees the whole week. I’m not complaining (especially after the ten months long winter we had here last year), but I still can’t wait for fall to start! I know it’s not very original of me, but fall is by far my favourite season: I love the (not too cold) cold, the leaves changing colour… and fall clothing of course!

VueltaAlCole3Anyway, this is my second time knitting one of Andi Satterlund’s patterns and this is my second time being blown away by:

– the amazing seamless contruction,

– how fast it knits,

– how good it looks.

There were a few steps I dreaded before tackling them, but every time I reached one, I just had to follow the instructions and everything made sense in the end.

VueltaAlCole2The genius construction means that, once you have finished knitting, you weave in the ends… and you have a sweater! No tedious seaming up, to me it’s like magic!

It took me exactly two weeks to knit this sweater, and that’s with the time it took me to frog and re-knit the whole first cable motif because I had made a mistake at its very beginning. I think my Miette was also knit in two weeks. Both have more or less the same gauge and the same cropped silhouette that make them such fast knits.

VueltaAlCole4I made a size S without a single modification and it fits perfectly. The yarn I used is Drops Big Merino. This was my fist time using a Drops yarn, and I’m definitely convinced!

For the waist bind-off, I initially tried a traditional one… and could barely get the sweater past my shoulders. I managed to put it on after a lot of effort and it was not very comfortable on the waist, either. So I decided to try Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off instead, and it worked like a charm. I used a traditional bind-off for the rest of the sweater, where less stretch is needed.

VueltaAlCole5This is the perfect fall sweater. It goes perfectly with most of my high-waisted skirts and I have a few other sewing projects in mind that would pair really well with it.

I can’t wait for the weather to allow me to finally wear it!

25 thoughts on “Vuelta Al Cole Sweater

  1. super joli ce pull!! et qu’est ce que tu tricotes vite… deux semaines,, waouh!! n’ayant encore jamais attaqué des torsdades, pourtant j’aimerais tellement, mais pour le moment ça me semble encore un peu l’everest 🙂 je crois que je n’aurai pas réussi à faire ça si vite… tout à fait d’accord que c’est le look parfait pour la rentrée et que l’automne est une des plus belle saison de l’année :)!!

    • Merci, mais vraiment, je ne suis pas si rapide, c’est juste que je tricote beaucoup, je peux parfois même y passer plusieurs heures de suite (surtout en vacances).
      Pour les torsades, trouve un modèle assez simple qui te plaît et lance-toi: tu verras, on s’en fait une montagne mais c’est vraiment incroyablement plus facile qu’il n’y paraît!

  2. Oh pinaise!! Trop beau!!
    Je trouve que la forme et le style du pull te correspondent totalement! C’est si joli avec ta jupe taille haute!! Et la couleur est parfaite (t’as bien fait de prendre les pelotes rouges finalement!!)
    La technique de réalisation de ce pull m’intrigue et ta description donne vraiment envie de se lancer!! Par contre j’ai peur que cette longueur ne soit pas aussi flatteuse sur moi (le pull doit s’arrêter pile là où mes bourrelets commencent! lol). Cependant, superposé à une robe taille haute avec un col chemise ça devrait quand même pouvoir se faire! 😉 Il faut que j’étudie ça de plus près!! 😉
    En tous cas encore bravo pour cette belle réalisation!! et à bientôt!! 😉

    • Merci à toi qui m’as aidée à choisir la couleur! 🙂
      Je te conseille vraiment d’essayer un modèle d’Andi Satterlund! Si tu as peur que celui-ci ne t’aille pas, elle a l’un ou l’autre modèle au look différent mais à la construction assez semblable, je pense!

    • Thank you! I’m sure you don’t suck at knitting! A lot of people think that, but all you really need is patience and concentration, nothing more complicated.
      You know, I learnt to knit fifteen years ago (!), but I did not dare trying something more difficult than a scarf (really, not even a hat) until two years ago, just because I had convinced myself I was not good enough to do that. That first sweater is not perfect, but I still wear it a lot (it’s the nautical one I wore during Me-Made-May).
      So if you are tempted by knitting, just stick with it and I’m sure everything will work out! 🙂

  3. j’adooore : j’ai découvert andy satterlund en cherchant ds modèles pour aller avec une robe près du corps, ce modèle est très joli et ces cheveux, oh my!

  4. Very pretty! Retro cardigans/sweaters that I’ve seen on other blogs are the whole reason that I want to improve my knitting skills. Thanks for the link to this designer (I like the fact there are no seams!).

  5. so you’re beautiful
    et maintenant en français
    que tu es belllllllleeeeee
    bon le pull est y pour beaucoup hihihihih
    non c’est la couleur
    non c’est toi finalement
    enfin vous allez bien ensemble quoi !!!!

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