Apple Pie Skirt

Pommes2After more than a month without so much as touching my sewing machine, I was itching to get back to sewing, but with the start of the schoolyear I couldn’t for the life of me find the necessary time/energy.

Pommes1That was until last Wednesday, when I had the afternoon free and the apartment to myself, so no more excuses! I opted for a very simple project that could be completed in one afternoon, to get back in the saddle smoothly.

Pommes3I had that project in the back of my mind since I bought this vintage apple fabric a few months ago. I loved its colours, print and drape, but it’s one of those almost swimsuit-like polyester knits from the seventies, which I thought might look a little tacky as a dress. So I immediately pictured it as a very simple elastic waist gathered skirt.

Pommes8I tried to keep things as simple as possible: I used a whole width of fabric, so there is only one seam at the back and the selvages serve as seam allowances. I however found it pretty difficult to sew the elastic on: even when stretched out to the hilt, it wasn’t long enough to accommodate the width of the fabric. I solved the problem by making a few small pleats where there was excess fabric. Also, the elastic I chose has ruffles up and down, which made it difficult to sew evenly, but it doesn’t really show on the finished garment unless you’re looking for it specifically.

Pommes4The hem is simply turned up once (the fabric doesn’t unravel) and stitched with a double needle. I debated for a long time whether to keep this length or to chop it off, and finally opted for this more practical one (no risk of flashing anyone when getting on and off my bike!), which I also found cuter even though it’s possible that it makes me look a little shorter. I figured I could shorten it later if I ever had a change of heart.

Pommes5I was so happy to have a finished skirt at the end of the afternoon that I immediately planned an outfit featuring it to wear the next day (i.e. yesterday), which was the one you see in the pictures plus a golden yellow cardigan (and a scarf to keep the cold away!). After wearing it on my bike and at work yesterday, I can now attest to its comfort!


I was afraid a skirt with an elastic waist wouldn’t suit my figure. I’m still not convinced it’s the best choice for someone with such large hips and a short waist, but I think it looks okay anyway and maybe that’s just me being picky… It certainly won’t prevent me from enjoying my new skirt. It’s in one of my favourite colour combinations and it has apples on it, what more do I need?

And now I’ll leave you with an image that truly reflects my sentiments towards taking pictures of myself. 😀


17 thoughts on “Apple Pie Skirt

  1. such a cute skirt! sometimes a quick and easy project is just the thing you need. also, love your collection of miniature sewing machines! they are wonderful. and lastly, your last picture crack me up 🙂 i feel exactly the same about taking pictures of myself… the things we do in the name of sewing…

  2. Elle est géniale la dernière photo! Hi hi hi
    J’aime beaucoup ta petite jupette, toute “simple” qu’elle soit!!
    L’imprimé est trop mignon et j’ADORE ta façon de la porter avec rayures, collants bleus et ballerine vernies rouge!!! C’est juste génial!!
    Bon alors effectivement je l’aurais peut-être raccourcie un peu (surtout avec les jolies jambes que tu as!! 😉 ) mais c’est vrai qu’au quotidien (et sur un vélo 🙂 ) la longueur là est sûrement plus pratique!!
    Passe un bon vendredi 13!! Lol

    • Ah là là ma bonne dame, mais c’est qu’on vieillit hein, trop montrer ses gambettes ne serait pas convenable voyons!
      Plus sérieusement, je ne sais pas pourquoi mais, sans même prendre en compte le vélo, je préférais cette longueur de mamie… Mais pas de panique, j’ai une mini jupe en projet pour un futur pas trop lointain! 😀
      Ciel, vendredi 13! Ça doit me porter bonheur puisque j’ai congé aujourd’hui! 😀
      À très bientôt!

  3. trop joli ce tissus avec les pommes!! j’adore!! et je trouve que la taille élastique te vas sans problème! mais je m’étais faite la même réflexion lorsque j’en ai cousu une comme ça aussi… pas toujours évident…
    ta dernière photo est extra et j’adore le petit coin expo de vieilles machines d’enfants 🙂 j’ai d’ailleurs je crois la même que celle que t’as toute en haut en bleu chez moi 🙂 (une piq-bien trouvé dans la cave de ma mamy :)..)…
    bonne journée,, cécile

    • C’est marrant, on trouve souvent jolies sur d’autres des choses qu’on trouve bizarres sur soi… Le comble, c’est que si je fais l’effort de regarder objectivement les photos, en oubliant que c’est moi, je ne vois plus du tout de problème à cette taille élastiquée, puis dès que je re-réalise que c’est bien de moi qu’il s’agit, pouf!, le truc bizarre revient! Allo Freud? 😀
      Merci pour tes compliments en tout cas! La petite machine bleue d’en haut est une Ma Cousette (De Luxe), mais c’est vrai que, vue d’ici, elle ressemble à certaines Piq-Bien que j’ai vues. Elle est juste en partie en plastique là où ces Piq-Bien sont entièrement en métal je pense, et un peu plus en volume par rapport aux Piq-Bien qui, à part le pied, sont plates, non?

  4. I love it, and I agree the length is perfect especially if riding a bike! I especially love your sewing machine collection in the background – very cool. And the apples? Just perfect, and I’ll be blogging a few fruity dresses of my own soon 🙂

  5. Ooh cute. I never thought I could get away with a gathered skirt like this but seeing it on you, maybe I could! It’s enticingly easy… and really nice looking!

  6. Ha ha! I totally get the last photo! Taking photos is the absolute worst!
    I love the skirt and fabric – elasticated waistbands really aren’t my favourite either, but they do make things very comfy and it definitely looks great on this skirt!

    • Why oh why don’t we all have a professional photographer at home that would make us look amazing on every picture?! I do like the editing part, but taking the pictures, ugh…
      Thank you for your very nice comment! 🙂

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