Oops!Thank you, Burda, for not including  any seam allowances on your patterns.

Thank you, a year ago me, for not adding said seam allowances on your traced pattern and not making a note of it.

Thank you, present day me, for assuming you already used to add the seam allowances on your traced patterns a year ago and for not double checking just in case.

So, I spent a few hours this weekend cutting the fabric for my next project, which was supposed to be a casual black gabardine version of this skirt. And, as I guess you’ve understood by now, I forgot to add the seam allowances… I’ve been adding them directly onto my traced patterns for a while now (or so I thought!), which is why I didn’t think twice and cut out everything without even checking. Only when I began interfacing the waistband did I notice it looked strangely small. Oops!

On the bright side, at least I realised my mistake before sewing the whole thing together! And the materials (only 1m of gabardine and less than 1m of lining) were pretty inexpensive, so I could throw them in the trash without too many tears! 😀

6 thoughts on “Ugh…

  1. Aggghhhh, how very annoying! I have a guilty secret… I have yet to use any pattern that doesn’t have seam allowances ready to go. And I have a subscription to Ottobre magazine… Whoops…I just find it so annoying and time consuming. I even have a little gadget that you attach to your scissors so you don’t have to mark the allowances before cutting ( and haven’t used it. Maybe I should send it your way 😉

    • Hahaha, maybe you should! 😀
      Patterns without seam allowances are such a pain, I can’t believe some people prefer them that way! To me it feels like double the tracing work, which is already far from my favourite part of the sewing process…

  2. Aaaargh désolée… Mais c’est très courageux, moi je n’ai encore jamais rien osé jeter… J’ai une robe-guenille jamais terminée, avec plein de détails qui me gênent, roulée en boule dans un coin de mon armoire en attendant un hypothétique rattrapage ou relooking si j’arrive à récupérer assez de tissu… Et je te rejoins sur le point des marges de couture : c’est tellement mieux quand elles sont déjà inclues !

    • Ça va ça va, je suis remise! Et je suis bien contente d’avoir osé balancer le tout à la poubelle, ça a aidé dans le processus de deuil! De tous les ratés que j’ai gardés, je n’en ai pas rattrappé un seul, mais ils m’ont tous hantés pendant des semaines, alors que là, jeté, oublié! 😀
      En plus j’ai bonne conscience vu que le tissu va partir au recyclage!

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