Romancing the Blouse


Looks nice untucked…

I love green. A few months ago, I realised that, every time I had to pick between various colours of yarn or fabric, I chose the green one. A few random people also asked me what the deal was with me and green and why did I wear so much of it (people tend to ask me the strangest questions!). Maybe it’s just that a lot of people do not wear green at all, because it’s not like I was dressed in green from head to toe or every day or whatever, I swear, but still, it made me realise I should try to avoid adding more green to my wardrobe. I think it has to do with the fact that my everyday jacket and shawl are green, so when I add a green garment to my outfit, that’s already three green pieces.


Looks nice tucked in!

Anyway, after knitting my green Miette cardigan, I decided not to sew or knit any green piece for some time. But now it’s been long enough, I think I’ve earned the right to sew myself some green!

Green3I got this beautiful fabric from the great swap organised by Saki at the beginning of September. I first debated taking it home with me (I was on a green ban and it was synthetic), but its drape finished convincing me.

It was not easy to sew, but I must say I love the result! You can see that the shoulder seams are a little bit wavy, but nothing really noticeable unless you’re looking for it specifically. The worse with this fabric was the way the colour faded everywhere I put even a (silk!) pin, I’m not even talking about covering the buttons! Yet again, I don’t think anyone will notice but me.

Green4The pattern is the Sencha blouse by Colette Patterns, with a peter pan collar I drafted following Gertie’s very clear instructions (in her book, but you can find them here on video). The pattern itself was not difficult to sew at all (it’s beginner level), only time consuming because I had to sew a lot by hand: partly (the sleeve hem and back openings) following the instructions, partly (overcasting the side seams and stitching the hem) because of the nature of the fabric and because I don’t own a serger.

Green5I chose version 1 for the front (the plain one, so that I could add a collar), and version 2 for the back (I wanted, no, needed the button back), in size zero. I chose the size according to my measurements, without checking beforehand (a what? A muslin you say? Interesting!), then I realised after tracing and cutting everything out that, ahem, it seems like I put on a tiny bit of weight during my two months summer holiday where I stopped biking everywhere every day, oops!

Green6Knowing I had chosen this simple project to get back on my feet after my last project flew out the window (or down the trash to be exact), I was kind of bummed, to say the least. But I decided to complete the project nonetheless, after all I’m biking again, so it shouldn’t be too long until I lose that damn holiday weight!

Green7And, who would have thought, the completed blouse does fit! I’ve already lost part of the unwelcome weight (yay biking!), and my Sencha is closer fitting than many versions I’ve seen, but I really like it that way. The upper back may be a touch too tight, but here’s hoping it won’t be anymore after a few more weeks of biking!

Now all I need is to sew myself a jacket or a coat of a different colour (and knit an assorted shawl or scarf) to avoid the monochrome look!

23 thoughts on “Romancing the Blouse

  1. Aaaah! J’ai attendu ton article toute la journée! Hi hi hi! J’avais hâte de voir cette petite blouse verte!! Et je dois dire que je l’A-DO-RE!!! Elle te va vraiment bien (tu t’es inquiétée pour rien!) et puis le col et le boutonnage dans le dos la rendent encore plus mignonne et tout à fait… Toi!! 😉
    Bon évidemment je n’ai rien à redire sur la couleur!! Tu sais que je suis aussi une Green addict!! 😉 T’as vraiment bien fait de l’emporter ce petit coupon à la trocante!! Je ne sais plus à qui il était à l’origine mais je suis sure que son ex-propriétaire sera étonnée de voir en quelle merveille tu as réussi à le transformer!!
    Alors moi j’ai une petite préférence pour la version “rentrée” (surtout avec ta trop belle jupe!! D’ailleurs plus je la vois plus elle me fait envie!!! Mais je sais que cette forme ne sera jamais aussi sympa sur moi… Donc je vais simplement continuer à baver sur la tienne! Hi hi hi) mais c’est vrai que “lâchée” on peut voir les détails intéressants de la construction… Hummm…
    Enfin bon!! Très très chouette cette cousette (comme d’habitude!!) et maintenant j’ai hâte de savoir à quel patron tu vas t’attaquer!!! 😉

    • Oh que c’est gentil tout ça! 🙂
      Moi aussi je préfère la version rentrée, mais je préfère toujours publier des photos où on voit le vêtement en entier pour les détails, c’est ce que je préfère voir sur les blogs en général dans ce genre de posts (et puis je ne voudrais pas qu’on croie que j’ai quelque chose à cacher, non mais! Surtout après avoir passé un épisode entier de la série douteuse que tu sais à coudre l’ourlet à la main! 😀 ).
      Je n’ai aucune idée d’à quel patron je vais m’attaquer maintenant, à part que j’ai plutôt envie de simplicité, pas envie de me casser la tête!
      Tu vas me manquer à la soirée tricot!

  2. Moi j’adore ce beau vert franc! , ce n’est pas une couleur que l’on retrouve si souvent (sauf peut-être sur ton blog 😉 …). J’aime beaucoup le dos de la blouse mais je préfère les encolures plus échancrées. Cela dit, elle te va très bien, je trouvais le patron un peu sage de prime abord mais tu lui donnes le “peps” qu’il lui faut !

    • D’après ce que j’ai lu sur internet, pas mal de gens reprochent à ce patron son encolure trop haute. Moi, c’est une des choses que j’adore dans cette blouse, comme quoi!
      Merci beaucoup en tout cas! 🙂

  3. Love, love, love it. I am obsessed with this colour green at the moment. What is that?! I am currently searching high and low for a slubby cotton for a great summer skirt in emerald green. It’s just so yummy. No luck yet, but I’m not giving up. More green, I say!

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  5. Your Sencha turned out beautifully. The colour is so lovely so to those people who bug you about your choice I would say they are just green with envy 😉 I made this blouse a couple of years ago and have always regretted that I did not go down a size… maybe it’s time to make another one, and just maybe, I will choose green as well!

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