Marvelous Mustard Mitts

FallMittsOops, didn’t expect such a close up on my plump fingers, ah well!

So you may remember knitting wise I was working on a cotton short-sleeved sweater. Let me just say, starting a summer sweater at the beginning of September… Not my smartest move. The arrival of fall means close to zero motivation to knit anything summery. I begrudgingly managed to knit the back of my sweater and to begin the front part, but so much for my “I don’t do UFOs” rule, I NEEDED A BREAK from it!

FallMitts2Lucky me, my favourite knitting designer had recently released a free fingerless mitten pattern that had my name written on it: I’ve been meaning to knit myself a pair for about, I don’t know, two to three years, yet always chose to knit cardigans and sweaters instead. It’s like I thought it would be a waste of time knitting accessories when I could be knitting cardigans and sweaters, forgetting it takes so much less time to knit such small pieces. Yet I didn’t want to buy any mass produced ones, so my hands have been freezing when I take my bike in the morning (when it’s not cold enough to wear my winter mittens and too cold for bare hands).

FallMitts3But now my hands are saved! I stayed up late and missed some sleep so that I could finish the mittens on time to wear them this morning. About that, I guess you can imagine how hard I laughed inside when a colleague remarked on how tired I looked and how wild my weekend must have been! Nope, I didn’t dare telling him it was knitting that was responsible for my tired face…

FallMitts4Knitting these mittens was really the break I needed, they were a fast and easy knit (you can find a few technical details on my ravelry), yet produced a cute and immediately useful result. I was so happy to wear them today, and I think they pair really well with my shawl and jacket.

Now I’d like to at least finish the front of my summer sweater before I can delve into another knitting project, big or small!

22 thoughts on “Marvelous Mustard Mitts

  1. Ha ha! I’m terrible at finishing things too, but I have no excuse as the weather never changes here! I love the herringbone pattern and colour (I’m actually making my sister a cardigan in exactly that shade!) and they look perfect for cycling in! You are such a party animal…! 😉

  2. Tes mitaines sont si jolies que j’ai eu envie de faire les mêmes !
    Je suis débutante, et je bloque pour rabattre les mailles, ma bordure n’est pas aussi nette que sur les tiennes. Quelle méthode as-tu utilisée ?

    • J’ai utilisée la méthode normale (, mais je fais toujours attention à ne pas trop serrer, voire à ne pas serrer du tout en fait! Dans tous les cas, c’est surtout la régularité qui doit compter j’imagine.
      Je ne sais pas si ma réponse t’aidera beaucoup mais j’espère que tu seras contente de tes mitaines et que tu les porteras autant que je porte les miennes! 🙂

      • C’est la première méthode que j’avais utilisée, mais j’avais dû trop serrer. Je vais recommencer. Merci pour ta réponse.

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