Dulcinea Skirt

Dulcinea1Like a lot of my projects it seems, this one almost ended up in the trash. I had this idea in my mind that it would be a quick and easy project, and where could I go wrong fitting wise on such a simple skirt?

Well, for starters, I forgot to take ease into account when picking the size of my waistband, so I cut one a little smaller than the XS, which turned out to be a little on the tight side. Nothing horrible, but I doubt I could eat a big meal without it becoming uncomfortable.

Dulcinea6When I first tried the skirt on, I also noticed the weird horizontal pucker you can see in the picture above on each side of the top of the hips, as if there was not enough room for my hips. But what is even weirder is that these two puckers also appear when the skirt is on my dressform whose hips are, to say the least, less well-endowed than mine. So I don’t really get where those come from. Any ideas?

I also realised I had sewed the waistband so that the nap of the corduroy doesn’t go in the same direction as on the skirt itself, but I must say I don’t even see the difference (I can only feel it with my fingers) with such a short pile.

Dulcinea2But the straw that (almost) broke the camel’s back was when I saw one of the pocket seams had started to unravel. I chose to use pinking shears to notch the curve of the pocket seam allowances and I don’t know whether I went too close to the seam or whatever, but it began to show signs of unravelling in one small place, which almost had me throw up my hands and cut the partly finished skirt into a thousand pieces out of rage. I decided to go to sleep before making any rash decision and the next day I decided to hand stitch the small patch of unravelling instead, which doesn’t look perfect, but I don’t think anyone will notice when I wear the skirt:

Dulcinea7So I’m not really in love with the finished skirt, but there are things I like, such as the fabric and buttons, for example. The fabric is a thin whale cotton corduroy, which was a dream to work with, and I LOVE the antique pink colour. What’s nice is I used much less fabric than what the pattern recommended, so I still have about a meter left if I ever feel like making another skirt in the same fabric.

The buttons are some “Anorak” press fasteners from Prym, which were very fun to put in with a hammer (my boyfriend who was trying to work downstairs does NOT agree) and look nice and sturdy.

Dulcinea5Also, I put a lot of effort in the finishing techniques: I tried not to use unnecessary topstitching because I don’t think it would have looked nice on my fabric (other than that I usually love topstitching), so I understitched the pockets and invisibly hand stitched the inside of the waistband. And where I had to use topstitching, I don’t think I’ve ever sewn a line that straight.

Dulcinea3So not everything is negative about that skirt. Even though it’s far from perfect, it would have been a mistake to throw in the towel too soon. It clearly won’t be my favourite skirt, but I still can see myself wearing it a lot, and it would have been a shame for it to end up in the trash. I really have to learn not to make a mountain out of a molehill when something doesn’t go according to plan on a project (which, let’s face it, is every single time).


33 thoughts on “Dulcinea Skirt

  1. Great skirt! Seriously is think your issues with this skirt are really minor and nobody but you will ever notice them. The color is really wonderful and the silhouette looks great on you!

    • Thanks!
      You wouldn’t believe the number of projects I almost got rid of only to find myself wearing them on a regular basis and forgetting about their issues! Let’s hope it will be the case with this one. 🙂

  2. Love the colour, that dusty pink is awesome! I know what you mean about top stitching. I’m normally a fan and also found myself abstaining and doing invisible hand stitching to stitch down the waistband on a skirt I’m just finishing. And where the topstitching was unavoidable on the patch pockets, I didn’t use contrasting thread. It’s nice for it to look a little “clean” for once. I really like your skirt, it suits you so well 🙂

  3. Very nice! I understand your frustration. Occasionally I will make something that works out almost perfectly, and I’m always vaguely surprised! You could make some winter shorts out of your leftovers, like the Colette Iris shorts! So cute with a nice woolly cardi or jumper!

  4. I think it looks really pretty, the color is great! I am like you, I tend to be unhappy with little things that go wrong. I use corduroy quite a bit sewing for my kids and I have found that it unravels easily, I have lost a few pockets that way. I really like your snaps, I’ll have to check those out!

  5. It’s great you didn’t give up on this skirt because it looks great on you! I so like that color! 🙂
    Concerning the puckers, I don’t think you can solve the problem without ripping any seams… What I usually do in order to avoid such situations is to sew the possible guilty seams with a long stitch and always check how the garment looks on the dressform and on you. If puckers are visible you can adjust them on the dressform, rip the old seam and resew it. The long stitch will be easier to rip.
    You could hide the unravelling patch with a binding ribbon (with an appropriate color) stitched to the edge of the pocket I guess, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble, it’s not that visible.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I know I can’t get rid of those puckers without ripping the waistband seam. 😦 I’ll see if it still really bothers me after wearing the skirt for a while…
      And I had thought of hiding the pocket seams with a binding ribbon in case the washing machine had it unravel more than that. But if it stays the way it is now, contrary to the hip puckers it doesn’t bother me anymore.

  6. I love this skirt on you! I also made a Kelly from corduroy. I have the problem that the place where the skirt and the waistband attach fits perfectly but the waistband itself sits away from my body. I’m thinking that moving the buttons will fix it. I also don’t tend to sew well the first time, but I try… Good to hear that you learn to live with imperfections, because if I try something on and hate it I usually scrap it!

  7. I think the skirt looks great, and no one but you will notice the imperfections. I love that colour in cord, I was actually contemplating buying some similar fabric yesterday for a skirt. Those shoes by the way are amazing!

  8. Those snaps look like a lot of fun to put in! I love corduroy and your skirt looks beautiful (especially in that colour!) I made a lot of clothes from corduroy when I lived in a country with seasons and I miss them now…!

  9. oh misère, qu’il y a eu tellement des difficultés sur la jupe… parce qu’elle est vraiment très très belle!!! c’est bizarre parfois avec les projets, j’ai déjà eu le coup également… en tout cas le velours milleraies vieux roses, est sublime!!

  10. Well, from this end it looks pretty good so be glad you didn’t cut it into little pieces in rage (although, I know that feeling quite well!). It does not look too tight at all, but only you can be the judge of that. The colour really is perfect and it goes so well with your lovely shoes and tights, but my favourite part is the name: did you pick it because of your Quixotic efforts to save it? If so, Cervantes would be proud.

    • Actually, it doesn’t feel too tight, but I thing it looks too tight because of the horizontal wrinkles…
      About the name: yes, I did pick it because of that! 🙂 I was listening to a song by Jacques Brel called Dulcinea while feeling that going on sewing this skirt was fighting in vain and I thought it would be quite fitting a name for this skirt if I ever finished it! 😀

  11. Oh! Qu’elle est jolie ta petite jupette non-raclette-compatible!! hi hi hi 🙂
    Je trouve qu’utiliser du velours milleraies pour faire ce patron c’est vraiment une bonne idée! Bon, c’est dommage que tu aies eu ce petit problème d’effilochage mais honnêtement si tu ne l’avais pas dit, personne n’aurait vu que tu avais fait quelques points de raccommodage!
    C’est la première fois que je vois des pressions comme celles que tu as utilisées!! Elles sont chouettes et elles rendent bien avec le velours!
    Honnêtement ce genre de jupe te va vraiment à la perfection! Tu devrais t’en coudre une dans toutes les couleurs!!
    Avec ta petite blouse brodée et tes jolies chaussure tu fais très petite fille sage sur ces photos!! C’est super mignon 🙂
    D’ailleurs en parlant de tes chaussures, je te conseille de ne plus les porter en ma présence sinon je risque vraiment de te coincer les pieds avec la portière de ma citrouille pour pouvoir les récupérer! hi hi hi
    Bonne soirée et à bientôt!! 😉

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