Before the After

BeforeWell hello there! How do you like my dress? It was given to me by the same friend who gave me this one: does this friend have great taste or what? Like the other one, it will have to undergo a bit of surgery before I can wear it in the open world… I hope I can finish it on time to enter it in the refashion contest organised by French sewing community Thread&Needles!

15 thoughts on “Before the After

    • It’s going to be a dress, but a completely different one: it’s one of those refashion projects where I’ll be using the fabric with another pattern instead of keeping some of the features of the original. Oh, and sadly, the ruffles and trim will have to go (but I’m keeping them, they might come in handy for another project, who knows?)! 😀

    • All I can say is it’s going to remain a dress, but I won’t be keeping any features of the original: I’m going to use the fabric with a totally different sewing pattern. I have a plan, and a backup plan if there’s not enough fabric! Crossing fingers!

    • I’m not planning on keeping the yellow lace: it looks even worse in real life with that fabric! On the pictures it looks like it’s the same colour as the yellow of the dress, but in fact the two yellows really clash!

  1. Je l’aime déjà comme ça….même si, certes, un peu difficile à porter…Il me tarde de voir ce que tu vas en faire…mais il y a un sacré potentiel de tissu joli et de dentelles jaunes…Hum…je sens que je vais aimer….Bonne soirée….

    • Un peu difficile à porter, c’est le moins que l’on puisse dire! 😀
      Malheureusement je ne vais pas utiliser les dentelles jaunes (pour ce projet en tout cas, mais je les garde au chaud dans ma boîte à rubans): en vrai, elles jurent avec le jaune du tissu.
      Merci pour ton commentaire, j’espère ne pas te décevoir! 🙂

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