Sketchbook: Blue Stripes

BlueStripesI usually stick to one project at a time, but I’ve been soooo bored with my babydoll coat that I’ve allowed myself to put it aside and work on one or two easy projects before getting back to it. And what better suited project than the Renfrew? Especially since it’s not my first go at it, which means no more tracing/cutting the pattern and I know it fits!

Even so, I have already encountered a few obstacles: first, with only 1,30 m of the fabric I chose, I had to do some creative cutting in order to get a 3/4 sleeved dress out of such small yardage. Then I forgot that I’m no good at sewing after 9pm and went on sewing and making stupid mistake on stupid mistake… to the point where I had to shorten an already short dress in order to hide one of them.

Anyway, the dress is almost complete now, and it looks promising (albeit short) after all. See you soon with a new dress!

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook: Blue Stripes

  1. I hear you about not sewing past 9:00 pm as that is when I make the most mistakes as well. If only we had more time to sew during the day… sigh! No matter about those mistakes: based on your illustration, this dress is going to be super cute and if it’s too short, you can always wear it with leggings.

    • I don’t know why, but I’m not really a leggings with dress kind of person (though I like the style on other people)… Anyway, I finished the dress and it looks totally ok with tights, phew!

  2. J’aimerais tellement savoir faire des croquis comme ça ! Il me tarde de voir ta version robe du Renfrew. Je n’avais jamais trop accroché sur le patron avant d’en voir le potentiel en tant que robe !

    • Je l’ai terminée, youpie, il ne me reste plus qu’à prendre les photos! Personnellement quand j’ai vu le patron pour la première fois je me suis dit, mouais, sans plus, mais je l’ai acheté faute de mieux dans l’idée de me faire une série de T-shirts à manches longues ou 3/4 pour remplacer ceux du commerce que je porte absolument tous les jours sous mes robes (hors plein été). Eh bien finalement je n’ai toujours pas cousu le moindre T-shirt basique, mais un T-shirt rigolo et deux robes (la première il y a longtemps, à la sortie du patron). En fait ce que je n’aimais pas trop dans le patron (les bandes trop larges aux manches et la bande tout court à l’ourlet) est vraiment facilement modifiable, et en prenant une taille en dessous de celle qui correspond à mes mensurations, c’est pour moi le patron de T-shirt parfait. Mon Dieu, je t’ai écrit un roman! 😀 Merci pour ton commentaire en tout cas!

  3. I really struggle to only have one project going! For example this week I had in various stages of construction curtains for the kombi, a summer dress, a pair of shorts, a skirt and a Hawaiian shirt for my husband! That’s probably the most extreme I’ve been! It helps though to keep motivated to have a little variation!

    • I usually don’t even think of starting a project before finishing the last one, but with a laborious project like a coat, I desperately needed (and still need) a break! Good luck on finishing your five projects!

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