Blue Stripes

BlueStripes2Woohoo, it’s a dress, not a tunic! And I felt totally at ease when wearing it to work, so it’s not even one of those projects I can only wear when I’m not working! And I love it, it’s very me! And it’s soooo comfortable! And, and, and… !

BlueStripes3In short, if only I had known when to stop the first day I worked on it, this could have been the perfect sewing project! But I didn’t stop when I was tired and it made me both use pins that were too thick (and blunt!) for the fabric, resulting in tiny holes at the side seams (where I had to pin a lot to match the stripes), and… cut a hole in the bodice with the serger blade while serging the waist seam! Twice. That’s how I lost a few centimetres of the bodice and ended up with a babydoll mini dress instead of a high waisted normal one.


Just checking… Yes, I can raise my arms without revealing too much!

But I’m pretty proud of myself because for once I didn’t freak out, I just thought ok, how do I fix it, and fix it I did! Also, I’m terribly happy I chose to use this cheap fabric to test run the dress I had in mind instead of the precious fabric (like really precious: there are foxes involved!) I eventually plan to use.BlueStripes5The stripes are still a bit uneven at the waist seam on my left side, but I didn’t think I could fix that without loosing too much length. I first wanted to cover it up with a bow, but I finally chose to let it be, and I must say I don’t see it anymore unless I’m looking for it specifically.BlueStripes6As I said when I showed you my sketch of the dress, the pattern is Sewaholic’s Renfrew top. I changed the top into a dress by adding a gathered skirt. I also added patch pockets (I love patch pockets: easy and cute!) and I omitted the sleeve bands (and lengthened the 3/4 sleeves) and cut my own collar band. I gathered the skirt with elastic, but when I had to redo the waist seam, the elastic got cut away, which resulted in a looser fit, perfect for a babydoll dress.

BlueStripes1I took the pictures coming back from work yesterday, so this is the exact outfit I wore to work. I really don’t understand why black and blue shouldn’t be worn together, so I refuse to abide by that stupid rule!

Wearing a garment as soon as I’ve finished it is usually a sign of success, so I feel like I can say without a doubt that this dress will be worn a lot! I hope the couple tiny holes at the side seams won’t shorten its life too much, and I actually plan on mending those to prevent them from getting bigger. Anyway, let’s hope I learn from my mistakes and my next version goes without a hitch!

43 thoughts on “Blue Stripes

  1. Oh la la!!! J’adore!!!! Et tu es si mignonne dedans!!!
    En tous cas la robe te va divinement bien et la longueur (ou non-longueur de jupe 😉 ) met vraiment bien tes jambes en valeur!!! Tu as complètement raison: cette robe c’est TOTALEMENT toi!!! 😀 La forme, les rayures, les couleurs: tout est chouette!!!

    • Hiiii, merciii! 🙂 Quand est-ce qu’on s’organise une réunion du GDNB (Groupe de Défense du Noir & Bleu voyons!) où je porterai cette tenue et toi ta robe Plantain à chatounets?

    • Merci! 🙂
      Je dirais même plus: ces règles du bon goût sont très très bêtes! Pas de bleu avec du noir, pas de rose avec du rouge, pas de pois avec des rayures… Pfff, qu’est-ce qu’on s’ennuierait si on les suivait!

  2. I love this. In fact, you may consider this short length for when you make it again with your precious fox fabric. Way to go in staying calm and fixing it. I looks great!

    • I did consider this short length for the fox version, but the fox fabric is thicker, so I’m not so sure after all…
      But thank you! 🙂

      Oh, and PS: this is already my third completed Stash Diet project, only two to go and I can buy me some FABRIC! 😀

  3. I love it! It looks so stylish, chic AND comfortable all at once. And you are right, no one else will notice the stripes at front, so don’t sweat it. I like the eventual babydoll dress look, I think it suits your shape and aesthetic perfectly. Happy sewing errors! I once serged right through a princess lined bodice on a vintage dress I was making. There was no salvaging it and it still sits sadly in a cupboard, never to see the light of day again 😦

    • Happy sewing errors indeed! Even though I know it’s a style I love, I definitely wouldn’t have chosen it on purpose, thinking I couldn’t wear it to work. I’m so glad to have been proven wrong! 🙂
      But oh my, serging through the bodice of a vintage dress! 😦 Is there really no salvaging it, like appliqué or embroidery, or a belt? Or cutting the bodice off altogether and salvaging the skirt?

  4. ouuuuuh j’adore!! très belle ta robe, et la longueur je trouve aucun soucis, elle te vas très très bien!! j’aime beaucoup qu’il y a de poches, tellement pratique :)… non vraiment super joli, mmmmh une comme ça dans mon dressing serait pas mal non plus :)…

    • Merciii! 🙂
      C’est un genre de robe rapide à faire en plus (pour moi, autoproclamée Couturière La Plus Lente Du Monde, ça a pris environ deux jours, pour une personne moins escargot ça devrait prendre une après-midi à tout casser), donc n’hésite pas à te lancer!
      Et on est d’accord sur les poches: je crois que jamais plus je ne coudrai une robe ou jupe sans, j’en ai vraiment trop besoin!

  5. Ta robe serait pour moi le genre de petite robe idéale dans la penderie : facile à enfiler, confortable, colorée mais pas non plus too much, hop ! Je n’avais même pas remarqué les rayures décalées à la taille, avant de le lire :).

    • Ah, ne me rappelle pas ces rayures décalées, je les avais oubliées! 😀
      Eh bien je te le confirme, c’est vraiment le genre de petite robe idéale, j’en ai plusieurs autres itérations en tête d’ailleurs!

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