Sketchbook: Liberty Dress

FitzgeraldI can’t seem to get back to sewing my coat, and in the meantime it seems like I have a million dresses on my mind! The one I’m working on at the moment is a Sureau whose sleeves I replaced with the sleeves of the Bleuet dress and whose fake button placket I changed into a functional one which I lengthened to get a shirt dress. I also added side seam pockets (in orange lining) because, as you may already know by now, pockets are essential to me and my runny nose.

The fabric I’m using is Liberty of London Fitzgerald. This is my first time using such an expensive fabric so I’m crossing fingers everything goes according to plan!

While I’m talking about the fabric, I couldn’t be bothered trying to render it on my drawing, so I printed a picture of the fabric and I cut and pasted it to fill the dress, then I added the button placket and other details on top of it. Normally I would do that directly on the computer, but since I want the sketchbook to look as good as the version I’m sharing on the blog I prefered that option. And the result is really convincing so I’ll keep that technique in mind for the future!

25 thoughts on “Sketchbook: Liberty Dress

  1. I admire your bravery, I’d love to make a dress with Liberty print but I fear the cutting process may induce an anxiety attack! Good luck, the drawing is lovely.

    • I didn’t understand the hype about Liberty fabrics… then I touched some at a friend’s a few months ago and, well, I not only understood but I had to get me some Liberty of my own! 😀

    • Mine is a lawn, not thick at all. If yours is thicker, maybe a skirt? Or a more structured dress? I was thinking about Christine Haynes’s Emery dress for some of my thicker cotton, but I haven’t tested it yet so I’m not sure whether it would work…
      Anyway, thank you so much for your comment! 🙂

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  3. Would you mind explaining how you did the print on the sketch of the dress? Did you just print out a picture of the fabric, and then cut it out to fit, or something else? I’ve seen a few people mention your collage in the comments, but I’m kind of a dummy and need more details, because I’d love to do this for my own sketchbook.

    • Of course I don’t mind! 🙂
      I think you understood right:
      – I found an image of the fabric online (the highest resolution I could find – if I hadn’t found what I was looking for I would have scanned my fabric);
      – I printed it out;
      – I cut it out to fit the drawing of the dress (after window tracing it);
      – I drew the details of the dress (sleeve bands, buttons, button bands, waist seam…).
      That’s it!

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