Winter Heather

Bruyère1Phew, I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much time on a knitting project… According to my ravelry notes, I started this one at the beginning of November, which means it took me close to four months to finish it, yikes!

Bruyère3It’s not even a very intricate project, but as I said before, the lace made me lose my sanity. Well, the lace at the bottom of the body did: the lace of the sleeves went without a hitch (yay stitch markers!).

And just when I was done with the scary lace, I realised I still had to knit more than sixty centimetres of ribbing for the sleeves… I HATE knitting ribbing! Oh, and after completing the sleeves, I realised I still had to knit the equivalent of a sleeve for the collar, gaaah! The collar went really fast, though, especially since I knew I would be done after that.


Resting bitch face!

And I love the end result, so I don’t even regret spending so much time on this one. After all, if after spending four month and a few stressful moments looking at the same yarn (Drops Alpaca Silk – colour #08/Heather), you still love its colour, it means you made the right choice. I also love the style of the sweater, so light and flowy! It looks great with the Sureau dress you see on the pictures as well as with a few other pieces from my wardrobe. I’ve already  worn it a few times since I finished it, which bodes well for the future.

There were two things I particularly liked about the construction of this sweater: grafting the shoulders and the way you knit the collar. Grafting was one of those techniques I had never tried and was pretty scared of until I actually tried it and realised how easy it was and how good it looked (I used this video). As for the collar, they have you knit double its height, then fold it to the inside and sew it down. That way the collar holds its shape perfectly.

Bruyère5The only part I’m not really happy about is the lace: even after blocking it doesn’t really look like a garland of flowers like the original. The sleeve lace looks closer to the original, so I’m wondering whether it’s not just the yarn that suffered too much from being unravelled and reknit so many times. In any case, at least it still looks cute, so I’m not going to fret!

Bruyère2PS: Here’s what I’m working on now.

26 thoughts on “Winter Heather

  1. Lovely jumper. The colour and style look great on you.

    The photo caption I didn’t get though. “Resting bitch face”?

  2. This turned out lovely! The drape in the finished fabric is beautiful. I suspect that perhaps the flowers didn’t look quite botanical enough if like you said you had frogged a few times. Sometimes it’s just too much for the yarn. I hate ribbing too, so laborious and time consuming and that’s a lot of ribbing! I agree about the grafting, I love the finish it gives. Nicely done!

    • Yep, it must have been the poor tortured yarn!
      And ribbing, ugh! At least it doesn’t require too much concentration so you can watch TV at the same time…
      Thank you for your comment! 🙂

  3. Quel port altier!! Hi hi hi Je pense que tu es prête pour avoir ta propre pièce de monnaie!! 😉
    En tous cas je serai éternellement éblouie par ta ténacité! Mais le résultat est vraiment à la hauteur de l’effort: très joli et aérien! La coupe qui paraît un peu bizarre quand on voit les dimensions est en fait très seyante! (Enfin sur toi, parce que moi je pense que j’aurai l’air d’une petite paupiette dedans… Rapport à mes gros bras dodus (et au reste aussi d’ailleurs!!)).
    Et je suis sure que tu pourras rentabiliser le temps passer dessus en le portant avec pleins de pièces ou futures pièces de ta garde-robe! (Je pense notamment à tous les bas un peu taille haute…).
    Bon alors RDV cette fois la semaine prochaine pour voir ton nouveau pull??! 😀 C’est plus la même cadence avec ce projet!! Hi hi hi
    Des bisous!!

    • Hahaha, la pièce de monnaie, so true! 😀
      Moi aussi j’imagine bien le pull avec mes bas/futurs bas taille haute!
      Et CLAIREMENT le suivant n’a pas la même cadence: il me reste genre six rangs avant les festons du corps! 🙂
      À bientôt ma petite paupiette!

  4. That’s beautiful, and 🙂 at the “resting bitch” face! When I eventually make a sweater I’d like to do one in that shape. 60cm of ribbing would push me over the edge though!

    • Well, at least it’s 60cm on rows that are not that long… Though that’s what bothered me about them actually, having to constantly go from one needle to the other with the magic loop.
      But it was worth it! 🙂

  5. When I first saw these photos, before Reading, I thought the sweater looked like the one on the cover of Pom Pom – and I was right! Lovely colour you picked and it looks like such an effortless chic sweater. I hear you on knitting rib – it is so very tedious! – but your results must have you smiling every time you reach for this beautiful sweater.

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