Knitting: Scallops


FestonsAfter my last knitting project, which dragged on for four months, I decided the next one had to be as easy and fast as possible. So I chose Andi Satterlund’s cute scalloped cropped sweater: I had already knit her Miette cardigan and Chuck sweater and each had taken me about two weeks. The yarn I’m using this time is Nepal by Drops (#7120 light grey green and # 3620 red).

I was right, this sweater is a very fast knit, but it’s not finished yet… because I knit it in the wrong size and only realized it after completing the whole body and more than half a sleeve, ugh! What’s worse, I first unravelled and reknit the sleeve a size smaller, thinking the body was ok, before realizing it was the whole sweater that was too big. The smaller sleeve on a bigger body was not a pretty sight, let me tell you! 😀

It pained me a lot to start from scratch, but once again everything went incredibly fast, and here I am with a new body and a new sleeve already, ones that fit this time, so no regrets here! It’s always so much better to lose a little bit of time to undo a mistake rather than to get a finished garment you’re not satisfied with. Also, I should always listen to that little voice in my head: I had a hunch that it was going to be too big from the beginning, yet I convinced myself I should go on and everything would be ok.

Anyway, only a sleeve and the collar to go, I can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Knitting: Scallops

  1. J’avais suivi ton aventure sur ton projet Ravelry, je suis contente que tu en sois presque à bout ! J’ai découvert Andi Satterlund sur ton blog justement, j’adore ses créations colorées et rétro. Bref il me tarde de voir ta version du sweater !! Allez courage tu y es presque !!

  2. I’m knitting the same sweater! Except it’s the first sweater I’ve ever made, so it’s taken me all month and I’ve still got about 10 rounds of ribbing to go before I can start on the sleeves. You are fast!

    • Oh, le A to Z, en voilà un un qui me fait envie!
      Encore un peu de patience pour les clichés: j’ai fini le pull, mais je me suis rendu compte que j’avais oublié huit rangs juste avant les festons des manches, donc j’ai détricoté tout ça et je retricote.

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