Circus Tent Sweater

Chapiteau1Here’s my sweater! Its red and blue scallops remind me of a circus tent and I love it!

I actually finished it on Monday, but I didn’t feel like taking pictures until today, so it had to wait. I even tried forcing myself to take some pictures two days ago, but then I saw that on each and every one of them I looked like this mean angry man with a weird yellow complexion and the battery of my camera died, so I had to accept that maybe I should wait until some other day.

Chapiteau2This really is the perfect sweater either for a beginner knitter or a more advanced one looking for a fast and easy project. Had I not started knitting the wrong size, I’m pretty sure it would have taken me two weeks. Having to start from scratch after reaching three quarters of the work, it still took me just under a month to complete.

The instructions are very clear, and the construction is, as always with Andi Satterlund’s patterns, flawless: I love it when I finish knitting a sweater and I just have to weave in some ends; no seaming required before enjoying my new knit!

Chapiteau3I only made one small modification to the pattern: when I tried the finished sweater on, I found the body was a touch too long for me, which caused an unsightly pleat at the waist. So I simply unravelled a few rows of the waist ribbing (about eight rows I’d say), and voilà!

Chapiteau4It was such a straightforward knit that I really don’t have much more to say about this sweater (ravelry notes here, by the way), except that it’s a shame the cold weather seems to be close to its end here (though in Belgium, you never know…) so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to wear it before next fall.

37 thoughts on “Circus Tent Sweater

  1. So lovely! I’ve been wanting to try another one of Andi’s patterns and your sweater makes me feel like this one should be it. I really like the colour combo you chose.

  2. Top !
    Je suis en train de faire le Miette et je trouve super d’avancer aussi vite sur un projet… Il va très bien avec ta beignet ! Quel est ton prochain projet tricot ? Le sais-tu ? Parce qu’avec le temps qui se radoucie, hormis des projets cours. Bref, ton pull est une réussite 🙂

    • Merci!
      Bien sûr que je sais déjà quel sera mon prochain projet, que j’ai déjà commencé d’ailleurs (je ne tiendrais jamais une semaine sans tricot!): une étole en coton du dernier catalogue Phidar Expertes. Mais vu le potentiel interminable de la chose, il se pourrait que je fasse une entorse à ma règle et que j’entame un autre projet en même temps.

  3. I love it! I finally finished the body of mine, but now I’m stuck on the sleeves. I’d tried picking up for the sleeves twice, but both times I didn’t space out the stitches well and had to pull them out. Any tips/tricks for doing this? It’s my first-ever sweater, so I’d be glad to hear pretty much any tips, as I know of none!

    • I always find it a little bit tricky to get the exact stitch count, so what I do is I pick up every stitch a first time, then I count how many I have: let’s say I have three too many, I start over again “forgetting” to pick up three stitches all around the armhole; if I don’t have enough stitches, I do the contrary, picking up the number of missing stitches in-between other stitches all around the armhole. I don’t know whether that’s clear enough, don’t hesitate to say so if it isn’t! 🙂

      • That’s a great tip! I will try it out tonight. I haven’t touched my sweater since I tried the sleeves a few weeks ago and failed miserably.

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