Hello Polka Dot Skirt!

PolkaDots1Aaand here it is! Not the most complicated project, but I like the result very much!

I had been meaning to sew myself a skirt like that for years, but you know, so many ideas, so little time… The fabric is actually one of the firsts I ever bought! I had already sewn a skirt with it, which I wore a lot, but I’ve gotten more used to high waisted skirts (and pockets!) so I had been wearing it less and less and meaning to replace it with a new one.

PolkaDots2After sewing my modified Sureau, I was in desperate need of a simple project, one that I could complete in a day or two. I contemplated sewing a tote bag, then I set my mind on that gathered skirt. While I do need a (few) tote bag(s), getting a new skirt was much more tempting!

PolkaDots3The skirt itself took me a day but I decided to put off sewing the pockets to the next day so as not to rush things and make a mess out of them. And I must have made the right choice because everything went smoothly as can be; I didn’t use the seam ripper even once! Even the zipper went in without a hitch (okay, it’s not the most difficult kind, but still!).

PolkaDots5I used Gertie’s book to make the skirt pattern, but you can find the same information on her blog (part onepart two). For the pockets I followed A Fashionable Stitch’s tutorial. Both Gertie’s and this one were very clear and easy to follow and yielded great results.

PolkaDots7I’m really happy with the buttons: big ones on the pockets, small ones at the waistband. They’re from Gotex, one of my favourite fabric stores in Brussels, from a €1 bin full of old dusty button cards. The two buttonholes that close the waistband are a touch too small for the buttons, but at least they feel secure and they were parallel and the same size as each other, so I didn’t bother remaking them.

PolkaDots6I haven’t worn the skirt yet (I always fear if I wear a garment I haven’t photographed yet it will get ruined before I can take the pictures or something), but I’m pretty sure it will get in heavy rotation as it’s the kind of skirt I can see myself wearing both with or without tights, which means I can wear it all year long. I guess you’ll see it again soon with Me-Made-May coming up!


27 thoughts on “Hello Polka Dot Skirt!

  1. Bon ben même si je l’ai vue “en vrai’ et que je te l’ai déjà dit, je vais me répéter: je l’adoooore!! Le tissu me plait (les pois, une valeur sûre!! hi hi hi) et je suis méga fan des poches!!! Je me vois déjà en mettre partout! mouah ah ah!
    Cette forme de jupe te va vraiment bien (en même temps pour l’instant je n’ai rien vu qui ne t’allait pas!! 😉 ) et met en valeur ta taille de guêpe!!
    Bref! Les projets les plus simples ne sont pas toujours les moins intéressants et j’ai hâte de voir avec quels autres vêtements me-made tu vas associer cette jupette le mois prochain!!

    • Oh ben répète-toi donc si c’est pour dire des choses aussi gentilles! 🙂
      Mais je vais moi aussi me répéter: tu n’as jamais rien vu qui ne m’allait pas parce que ces choses-là je les fuis comme la peste! 😀

  2. The polka dots are adorable, and I love how you did the pockets. The buttons are a nice touch.

    I’m with you on needing tote bags but making other things instead! My knitting bags are dying, but I sewed myself a skirt last weekend instead of a new bag.

  3. ahh les petits pois, toujours un signe de bon goût hihiihh et comme d’habitude tu sais donné aux tissus la forme et le bonheur !!! bah oui tu souris quand tu la portes cette robe hihihih

  4. Ooooh, très jolie jupe, j’adore! J’avais considéré faire la jupe de Gertie en tissu vichy il y a un an mais ça ne s’est toujours pas passé. En tout cas, tes pois me font bien envie!

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