Marcianita Dress

Viviane1Oooh, shiny! Maybe too much? And also too puffy? That’s what I thought when I sewed the yoke on and saw it on the dress for the first time, especially after my boyfriend saw it too and started singing this (warning: that link makes noise!) and joking about how funny it was that I was going to a 1920s party with a futuristic costume.

Viviane2But as I said yesterday, even though it’s a bit kitschy, I actually like the end result and I’ve worn it a few times already on days when I wanted to be comfortable yet put together, so I call it a success! It’s not perfectly comfortable, the armholes are a touch too tight (and they have a tendency to wrinkle after I wear the dress for some time), but it’s subtle enough that I don’t really think about it while wearing the dress.

Also, the fabric I used (a silk voile I bought for a song!) is so lightweight that the slightest gust of wind makes the skirt portion fly out and reveal, well, everything under it, oops! Let’s just say there have been a few instances when I was grateful I was wearing opaque tights.


I don’t really know what is happening there. Is that my Marcianita pose?

The pattern (Viviane by République du Chiffon) is a pdf you have to assemble and trace, which doesn’t bother me too much as I trace all my patterns, and at least this means you don’t have to print and assemble too many sheets of paper, but it was a MAJOR pain assembling those sheets as none of them did match! I had to “gather” the paper in many places so that all the lines would remotely correspond to each other, not a pleasant experience. Other than that the pattern was ok and the instructions were clear, though if you ever make it I would advise drafting a facing for the lower part of the yoke to get a rounder and more even edge: if you follow the instructions for that part like I did and just turn the edge under, it’s pretty much near impossible to get a smooth result, especially with a lamé like I used.

Viviane4Oh yes, and I know I’m really slow, but I was surprised at the time it took me to sew the dress compared to how easy it looks, but this may have to do with me using French seams and adding side-seam pockets, or just being even slower than I thought I was… About the pockets, I added them in the skirt part and I was afraid they would be too low, but I don’t need to perform contortions to put my tissues in there or take them out and my hands are in my pockets in most of the pictures I took, so I guess they must be in the right place.

So all in all, this was not the perfect project I hoped it would be, but it’s still a nice dress and I would not rule out making it again with a few modifications now that it’s already been traced.

PS My blog is one year old today!!! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂


25 thoughts on “Marcianita Dress

  1. Joyeux bloguiversaire marcianita!! 😉
    J’adore vraiment ta robe de martienne des années 20 (mouah ah ah) et surtout le tissu que tu as utilisé!!
    Aller! Une petite caresse sur tes épaules rembourrées et passe une bonne journée!! 😀

    • Ah, j’adore ce tissu aussi! Il m’en reste un mini bout, j’espère pouvoir en sortir une petite blouse!
      Et ces épaules rembourrées sont ma foi bien pratiques pour porter un sac à dos! 😀

  2. Tout d’abord permets-moi de te souhaiter un joyeux bloganniversaire !
    Quant à ta Viviane :quelle coïncidence, j’ai acheté cette robe il y a à peine 2 h et je la découvre sur ton blog !!! Ta version me prouve une chose : j’ai bien fait de craquer !!
    Par contre j’ai bien peur que les problèmes d’alignement des différentes pièces sur les pdf de rdc soient récurrent : j’ai eu exactement le même souci avec la jupe rita….

    • Un grand merci! 🙂
      Rha, c’est trop énervant ces décalages de PDF! Heureusement, il me semble avoir lu quelque part que le problème avait été résolu sur les derniers patrons PDF ou le serait sur les prochains. Et puis, malgré ça, une fois le patron décalqué on est tranquille et c’est vrai que c’est un modèle très sympa, et pas compliqué à coudre, à part l’empiècement qui demande de la concentration et énormément de précision!
      Bonne couture de Viviane! 🙂

  3. I just adore this! They work perfectly together. I really must get this pattern and make it up for winter. I’m so glad you started blogging because you have a lovely style and I enjoy seeing all your makes.

  4. Oh, I really like this! I bought the pattern a few weeks ago, but have yet to sew it. I found the print-out matching annoying too, as well as the fact that there are no seam allowances, but I do think the patterns are so beautifully hand drawn that I forgot about it! A cute dress and I quite like the ‘puffiness’. Happy belated blogbirthday! x

    • Oh, looks like I missed your comment, sorry I didn’t reply any sooner! It’s true that the pattern is so beautiful you quickly forget about that tiny annoyance! Plus, once you traced your size and added the seam allowances, you’re good to go for as many future versions as you like! And that certainly didn’t put me off buying other République du Chiffon patterns either!
      Thank you very much for your comment! 🙂

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