New York Hoodie

Hoodie1Proudest sewing moment ever: I not only finished a gift on time (which reminds me, a friend of mine is still waiting for the skirt I promised to sew for her birthday in May… 2013!) but I also drafted the pattern myself!

Hoodie2I had planned on simply tracing my boyfriend’s old hoodie (without taking it apart), but this proved to be such a hassle on a stretchy fabric that I quickly gave up on that idea and found myself drafting my own pattern. I just used the old hoodie and this pattern I own to check whether the length and width of my pattern were correct, then I drew everything myself with a certain amount of guesswork.

Hoodie3By the way, you read it right: I own a hoodie pattern, yet I found it more appealing to draft my own instead of using that one. I really must hate tracing patterns even more than I thought!

Anyway, the result not only looks like what I had in mind, but it also fits the recipient! Luck of the beginner I guess. There’s only one thing I would change in future occurrences of this pattern, and two more the recipient would have me change.Hoodie4What I would change is I would make the hood longer and deeper so that it fits more comfortably over his head. What he would have me change in addition to that is making the whole body and sleeves wider so that he could wear it over several layers (even more than what he’s wearing in the pictures apparently, which is a tank top, a long-sleeved tee and a sweater – and you can see the hoodie doesn’t even look tight over all those layers!) and above all widening the sleeve bands a bit: I swear they aren’t tight at all, you can sort of see it in the pictures, but feeling something touching his wrists is a pet peeve of his so he usually wears clothes that have much more ease than what I personally think he would need (that’s why such a thin – yet very tall – guy wears size XL clothing!). He also feels suffocated when something touches his neck, which is why he didn’t close the zipper all the way up – never will! Ah, Mr Picky, you’re lucky I love you! 😉

Hoodie5Despite his (constructive) criticism, he still said he was happy with the hoodie and he took it with him to New York and I know he’ll be wearing it a lot, so this is actually at least as rewarding a sewing project as those destined for myself.

Hoodie8As regards the technical details, I lined the hood and made the cuff and body bands with self fabric: I initially wanted to use some ribbing for the bands, but I didn’t want to bother with finding (or dyeing) the right colour, and mostly I knew Mr Picky would HATE the snug fit of ribbing! I was a little bit afraid the result wouldn’t look as professional as with ribbing, but I was pleasantly surprised!

I used an assorted purple separating metal zipper which I bought in a great local shop where they specialise in zippers of all colours, types and sizes. They even cut this one to the exact length I needed and it looks like it has always been this length: you can’t see where they cut it or moved a tooth even if you try! Unfortunately, this great shop that has been there for as long as I can remember is moving outside of Brussels in June. 😦

Hoodie7I realised on Sunday that I needed some metal eyelets for the hood lace before I could tackle the next step. Since I didn’t want to wait until the next day for the shop to be open, I delved into my stash in search for a replacement… and found out that I not only had an eyelet plier, but also two whole bags of eyelets in two colours: gold and silver. I had completely forgotten that my mother had bought me those some time ago!

Now that I (know that I) have all those eyelets, it shouldn’t be too long before I replace my own ratty hoodies! Though I don’t think I’ll bother drafting the pattern myself this time, seeing as one of them is so ratty I’ll have no qualms just taking it apart and using the pieces as a pattern!


30 thoughts on “New York Hoodie

    • Merci! La couleur est une de ses préférées. Et j’ai plutôt apprécié de coudre pour un homme, ça change, donc ça ne devrait pas être la dernière fois que je m’y colle!

  1. Impressive indeed! Ps did you see one of your pics was in an article in the Guardian on MMM? Find the link via the colette blog!

  2. You really can be proud of yourself. I`m sure, this is just the beginning of sewing clothes for your boy-friend. I sewed many trousers for my husband, using an ripped off trouser as a pattern, and some pyjamas, perhaps some day I will sew a hoody, too.
    Many greetings

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  4. Waouh, un vrai hoodie de pro ! J’ai justement le patron dont tu parles : est-ce tu as remarqué un défaut sur ce patron, lors de ta comparaison avec ton modèle perso ? J’ai l’impression qu’il est super grand…
    Et pour le bas du pull et des manches, j’ai le même souci : un chouette tissu sweatshirt, mais pas de bord-côtes assorti. Est-ce que tu as coupé les bandes de tissu un peu plus petites, pour resserrer un peu le bas du vêtement, ou même pas ? Et après plusieurs mois porté, est-ce que tu es toujours aussi satisfaite de cette finition ?
    En tout cas, bravo pour cette couture hyper soignée ! Et merci pour tes conseils ! (mon copain me tanne pour son hoodie depuis longtemps…)

    • Alors…
      – Merci beaucoup pour tes compliments! 🙂
      – Non, je n’ai rien remarqué au niveau du patron, il avait l’air d’avoir plus ou moins la même taille que le hoodie de mon copain que j’avais commencé à tracer… Mais il faut dire que mon copain maigrichon porte des vêtements taille XL, donc est-ce vraiment une référence? 😀
      – Oui, j’ai coupé les bandes de tissu un peu plus petites pour resserrer le bas du vêtement, juste un peu comme ce n’est pas un tissu très élastique et qu’il fallait qu’il puisse encore y passer les mains (et NB, on s’est rendu compte plus tard qu’il avait du mal à retrousser les manches à cause du fait que les poignets étaient un peu trop serrés). Mais sinon ça tient bien sur la durée, je compte d’ailleurs bien utiliser la même technique pour un hoodie pour moi.
      – Encore merci pour tes compliments! 🙂

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