MMM ’14 – Week Two

One third down! I’m quite surprised at how natural it’s been feeling until now, and I still have some unworn me-mades in the closet, yay! Well, we’ll see how I feel about that in a week!

DAY 5 (Monday)

Day5The week starts with my least favourite me-made outfit EVER! And that’s including Me-Made-May ’13 of course! The colours are okay, but although I love that dress and sweater, their shapes don’t go well together at all. You can’t really tell from the picture, but really, least flattering outfit ever. I was feeling a bit under the weather, so this explains that. Also, I made the dress so long ago it’s really starting to show signs of age…

DAY 6 (Tuesday)

Day6Ah, feeling much better, both physically and sartorially! This is an outfit I wear very often and I love it. The shape, the colours, the comfort, the fact that I made my shoes… Both the dress and cardigan are among my most worn me-mades. The cardigan is made from what I thought was a low quality yarn, but it seems like I was wrong when you see how well it’s been holding up. The buttons on the other hand have faded like crazy, but I don’t really mind.

DAY 7 (Wednesday)

Day7Another favourite outfit to get back on my feet after the disaster that was Monday! The dress (see MMM’ 13 – Day 1 for more information) and cardigan are me-made and really belong together I think. Also a very comfortable outfit, though not ideal for getting rained on while biking from work (but what outfit is, really?). My tights are normally a shade lighter but they (as well as my shoes and the skirt of the dress) were drenched!

DAY 8 (Thursday)

Day8I had never thought of wearing that skirt and that sweater together, but I liked this outfit very much. The top I’m wearing under the sweater is also me-made. I felt very comfortable and cheerful all day.

DAY 9 (Friday)

Day9To think I almost threw that skirt in the trash for some silly detail I don’t even remember! I’m wearing two sweaters with it: the one you see best was one of my most painful knitting experiences but it’s been so worth it since I wear it all the time (this is already the second time I’m wearing it in May! – and this is my first garment repeat of the month), and the one I’m wearing under it used to be restricted to summer, until I realised how much I liked it worn under the other one.

DAY 10 (Saturday)

Day10The dress, cardigan (second repeats of the month) and hat are me-made. It was raining again, hence the rubber boots.

Day10HatI thought about taking a picture of my outerwear for once! These are the jacket and shawl I wear literally every day except in summer. The acrylic shawl is now five years old and still going strong! I made the hat in February, for Valentine’s Day, but I hadn’t worn it yet because I thought it was a bit too tight and uncomfortable, so I wanted to cut the lower part and make it into more of a bowler hat. But I felt like wearing a hat on that day, preferably red to go with the boots, so I tried it on again… and wondered what was wrong with me the first time I tried it on! It fits pretty good, and its shape makes it stay on the head very securely even when there’s a lot of wind like on that day. I think I could even wear it on my bike!


DAY 11 (Sunday)

Day11I had planned a day-long date with my sewing machine and I was wondering what to wear to stay at home, but I had completely forgotten I was supposed to go to one of my best friends’ housewarming party! Luckily when she didn’t see me coming she sent me a text, so I grabbed the first garments at hand that kind of seemed to go together, took a picture and jumped on my bike to head to my friend’s place. I was pretty happy with my outfit, especially seeing as I really didn’t have time to think about it for too long. It was actually much more flattering in real life, but the way I’m holding the blackboard hides my waist and makes me look much thicker than I really am. Ah well, it’s already kind of a miracle that I even took a picture, so I’m not complaining!

You’ve already seen the blouse (see Day 1) and cardigan (see Day 6 this week) this month, but it’s my first time wearing the skirt.

Conclusion of the week:

I think I’ll manage with what I have for a month, but I wouldn’t mind a few more cardigans. You are about to see the three I own and my Winter Heather sweater a lot this month!

16 thoughts on “MMM ’14 – Week Two

  1. merci pour son super chouette apperçu de ton me-made!! j’aime tout tes assocaitions!! c’est très joli et en plus super portable les choses fait-main que tu as dans ta garde-robe!! bravo!! ouh lalala ça me donne beaucoup d’idées :)…

  2. Love the red hat and your gumboots! I’ve just done a roundup of my fave cardigan sewing patterns – it’s taken me 4 months to finish my first beloved knitted cardigan – I think sewing the next couple will be a little more efficient!

    • I do have a couple patterns/fabrics in mind to sew some of my missing cardigans. And you’re so right, it will definitely be much faster than knitting all of them!
      Thank you so much for your comment!

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