Guest Post at Georgette’s: Watercolour Skirt

GuestToday I’m a guest on the Georgette blog, where I was asked to contribute a piece around the theme “Go Through Your Wardrobe: Make Do and Mend”. So if you want to see more of the skirt I was wearing last Sunday (MMM ’14 – Day 18) hop on over to the Georgette blog!

10 thoughts on “Guest Post at Georgette’s: Watercolour Skirt

  1. Je n’aurais pas misé kopeck sur cette robe eighties que je trouve vraiment affreuse (avis très peu tranché, j’en conviens!) La transformation est épatante. Ta jupe est super jolie et va très bien avec le t-shirt et les sandales mauves. Bravo!

  2. Such a coincidence, I also discovered your blog by reading reviews for Little Miss Y’s Homemade Wardrobe. Rue des Renards is one of my favorite blogs now, and obviously I bought the book! ^_^

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