MMM ’14 – Week Four

Only one week left, woohoo! Not that I don’t like wearing my makes of course, but I also don’t usually have to bother putting together a different outfit for each day of the month, so this part is becoming a little bit tiresome. Also, even though taking a picture everyday has been proving easier than last year, it’s seeing pictures of myself every day that has become kind of annoying.

DAY 19 (Monday)

Day19Nope, I didn’t go to work dressed that way! 😀 I had to stay home sick so it’s kind of a miracle that I found something to wear that was entirely me-made and comfortable enough to spend the whole day resting on the couch. Also a miracle that I managed to smile for the picture. I’m wearing a me-made skirt and top. I only wore the shoes to go out and do some emergency grocery shopping and it was so hot outside I wished I had put on sandals instead. Other than that a very comfortable outfit.

DAY 20 (Tuesday)

Day20I don’t feel really at ease going tightless to work unless it’s really really really hot and I don’t own any me-made trousers, so I put on the next best thing in order not to suffer from the heat: compression tights! The skirt and blouse are me-made and I’m kind of running out of things to say about my clothes! 😀

DAY 21 (Wednesday)

Day21Once again, not a lot of things to say. The weather got colder but not too cold either, so a 3/4 sleeve dress without a cardigan was the way to go. Add some flashy tights and instant cute! This must be my easiest dress to wear and I need a million more.

DAY 22 (Thursday)

Day22Same weather as the day before, same strategy minus the flashy tights! I also need a million more Renfrew dresses! I took the picture coming back home from work right after 8 am when I realised I had gotten up three hours too early since I had forgotten that I exceptionally started at 11 am on that day. :-/

DAY 23 (Friday)

Day23I’m wearing a me-made skirt and top to leave for a weekend at the countryside with my knitting group! Later in the day I put on a cardigan, but I didn’t take a picture. You’ve seen the skirt already, but I think this is the first time you see that top. It’s actually a refashion I made years ago. I even thought to take a picture before cutting into the original garment, so you can see the boxy tee it was before. I used a Burda pattern (there was a short sleeve version in the magazine) and I was a beginner at the time so it doesn’t look too good from up close, but I still like wearing it despite that and the fact that it shows a lot more cleavage than what I’m used to. It originally showed much more by the way, too much for me, so I gathered the shoulders in order to make the neckline smaller.

DAY 24 (Saturday)

Day24Since I wasn’t home, I cheated and took that picture on Sunday coming back from my mini-trip. I spent the day knitting then going for a walk (hence the unusual sneakers!) with my fellow knitters and wearing a me-made skirt, T-shirt and cardigan I’ve already told so much about on that blog I’m going to stop right there. Oh yes, one more thing: I almost ruined my skirt climbing up a mossy tree that made big stains, but I managed to clean them away, phew!

DAY 25 (Sunday)

Day25.1Apparently this has become my Sunday skirt! This time I’m wearing it with my knitted blouse. The weather was pretty warm and I needed comfortable clothes for the ride back to Brussels, and this outfit fit the bill perfectly.

Day25.2In the morning I wore a sweater I can’t believe I’m still putting a link to seeing how much I’ve been wearing it this month, so I put it on again later in the afternoon just for the picture in order to give you an idea of how it looked with that outfit. Once again, not a lot of things to say except that I liked the outfit both with and without the sweater very much.

Conclusions of the week:

– I need trousers.

– Knitting getaways are the best!

9 thoughts on “MMM ’14 – Week Four

  1. Tu as bonne mine pour quelqu’un qui est malade, quelle chance! J’ai eu une angine la semaine dernière et j’aurais pas osé me prendre en photo… En tout cas j’aime beaucoup tous ces ensembles, mention spéciale à jour 25!

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