MMM ’14 – The End!

When I decided on my pledge right before the start of May, I was really worried I was aiming too high and I would end up wearing the same four or five outfits for the whole month. I was also planning on sewing the things I thought were missing from my wardrobe during the month so that I could make it through, but I actually didn’t really need to rush and sew anything. This doesn’t mean I don’t need any new clothes per se, just that I didn’t need them to make it through the month. But what are those pieces I need?

The first thing I realised I needed is cardigans: I love to wear them over dresses and skirts as I find them much more versatile than sweaters, yet I knit more sweaters than cardigans. So from now on I’m giving priority to cardigans when choosing a knitting project (but not forbidding myself to knit some sweaters from time to time!).

The second thing is trousers. I had already realised that last year, but I still haven’t sewn any! I never feel the need for trousers during the colder months, nor in summer in fact, but when the temperature is too hot to wear tights yet too cold to go tightless I find myself at a loss as to what to wear. So trousers.

And the third and last thing is tops. Especially tops that are easy to layer. I usually wear a lot of long or 3/4 sleeved tees under dresses when it’s cold (that + layering two pairs of tights = the secret to wearing cute dresses in winter by the way), so I was lucky that this May was pretty warm (warmer than last year!) because I own exactly none that are me-made.

Other than that I must say I’m pretty satisfied with my me-made wardrobe: I really sew/knit things I find both pretty and useful. And it was really the best feeling spending a whole month wearing only things I had made myself! Also, I was forced to think outside the box and find a few garment associations I don’t think I would have thought about had it not been for my pledge.

So that’s it for this year, I just need to publish the last six days before I forget! And thank all the adorable people who took the time to leave such nice comments here or on flickr, and Zoe for hosting the challenge again this year! 🙂

DAY 26 (Monday)

Day26The dress is me-made, and the outfit is pretty similar to the one I wore on Day 21, so I don’t have anything more to say about it than what I said about the other one.

DAY 27 (Tuesday)

Day27Or, the last time I was able to wear heels before I cut my pinky toe against the edge of my bed, ouch! I’m not even sure the part that fell off (yes, a tiny part fell off!) is going to grow back. But I was supposed to write about my dress, not my toe! It’s the first time I wear it to work without a sweater over it, and when I saw the pictures I realised with such a thin fabric I may have spent my workday flashing my (not me-made!) underwear to unsuspecting students. Ah well, what’s done is done!

DAY 28 (Wednesday)

Day28One of my favourite skirts with one of my favourite tops. I love red and pink together!

DAY 29 (Thursday)

Day29Yay May and its numerous holidays! I had the day off so I spent the whole day at home and literally didn’t set foot outside. A whole day knitting on my couch. Bliss. The dress is me-made of course (it’s not like I’m wearing very much else!), it’s the first dress I ever sewed. I wrote about it when I wore it last year on Day 4.

DAY 30 (Friday)

Day30Wearing boots on a pretty warm day was not the best idea in the world, but I needed comfortable shoes to let my injured toe heal. The skirt and tee are me-made, and you’ve seen them both already this month, the skirt on Day 9 and the tee on Day 18.

DAY 31 (Saturday)

Day31I’m wearing my me-made shoes and one of my oldest me-made dresses to celebrate the last day of Me-Made-May ’14. It was probably one of the last times I wore that dress I used to love: not only were my finishing techniques pretty lacking at the time I made it (look at that uneven hem from the twisted side seams!), but it’s also getting too old. I wrote more about it last year (Day 8).

See you next year for the sequel! 😉

13 thoughts on “MMM ’14 – The End!

  1. I’ve loved all the photos, it’s been a visual treat!
    I managed to complete MMM 14 but with a lot of repetition but it’s helped me identify the gaps in my wardrobe – skirts and dresses, so I need to focus my sewing projects….

  2. See you and your beautiful wardrobe next year! I have really enjoyed your outfits and love the combinations you choose. Look forward to seeing more me-made shoes! X

    • Thank you so much! I’m less and less sure I’ll be able to finish my second pair of shoes before the end of the schoolyear though, but I’ll try anyway!

  3. Great job with MMM! I tried three years ago, but I didn’t have enough clothes and the daily photography was too much for me. I agree about two layers of tights for the very cold months – best thing I discovered during our loooong New York winter this past year. I also want to make trousers for those in-between weather days and am thinking of trying the Sewaholic Thurlows even though I’m not pear-shaped. I love Tasia’s patterns so hopefully it works out!

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I’m planning on trying my hand at the Colette Clovers (but I have panic attacks at the thought of fitting this one!) and the Sewaholic Thurlows (which I’d like to adapt to more of a jeans shape with a back yoke).

  4. Je crois que tu es la grande prêtresse du MMM!! Je n’arrive toujours pas à croire que tu aies réussi à porter uniquement des vêtements faits-main pendant 31 jours et sans jamais répéter 2 fois les mêmes combinaisons! Je suis hyper impressionnée!
    Je me demande déjà quel sera ton objectif pour l’année prochaine!! 😉
    En tous cas j’aime toujours autant te voir manier les couleurs et les superpositions: c’est une vraie source d’inspiration! 🙂

  5. Là, je suis admirative! Je commence la couture depuis quelques mois, avec quelques pièces faciles pour mes filles! Je vais me lancer pour moi aussi, car ce que tu fais me donne bien envie d’essayer, pour le côté consommation responsable aussi! En tout cas, bravo pour ce défi, qui sait j’y serais peut-être aussi dans qq temps! (je n’ose pas dire années 😉

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