Outfit Along: I’m In!

OutfitAlongYou’ve probably heard about the Outfit Along co-hosted by Andi of Untangling Knots and Lauren of Lladybird. If not, here are all the details, but basically it’s a two for one: a sew along and a knit along combined! The aim is to create an outfit by knitting and sewing two pieces that will go together.

I knew I wanted to take part as soon as I read about it, but I’ve had kind of a hard time deciding on my outfit. There’s an official dress and cardigan pattern for the challenge, both really cute, but I didn’t feel like using those. I plan on knitting the Myrna pattern in the not so distant future, but it didn’t inspire me for this particular challenge. As for the official dress, I already own way too many dress patterns to go and buy another one unless I fall madly in love with it!

After careful thought, I finally settled on a knitting project and a sewing project, so I’m officially in! The knitting pattern I chose is another one by Andi, the Hetty cardigan, in navy blue Drops Karisma yarn (the pattern calls for a thicker yarn, but the smallest size is too big for me, so I had to adapt). And the sewing pattern is one I’ve already used in the past, the Februari dress from Little Miss Y.’s Homemade Wardrobe. I had been meaning to make another version ever since I completed my first one, so I’m really glad to finally tackle it! My chosen fabric is Ship Shape (clementine orange) from the Ahoy Matey collection by Michael Miller (kind of a poor woman’s Le bassin de bateaux, don’t you think? 😉 ). The yardage I have in my stash is fairly small (1,90 m – 110 cm wide), but I think I can make it work.

I still need to buy some lining fabric before I get going on the dress, but I started the cardigan last Sunday and it’s been flying off the needles: I’m not under the impression that I’ve had so much knitting time this week, yet I’m almost finished with the body! Oooh, I can’t wait to complete those two projects!

16 thoughts on “Outfit Along: I’m In!

  1. I’ve tentatively joined, though I should make it official by writing a blog post! Actually my main goal with the OAL is to attempt my first real knitting project (I’ve done small things here and there). I love cropped cardigans, especially since I wear so many dresses! I’m going with the Myrna pattern and now just need to figure out a sewing pattern to go with it. Love your choices! The Hetty is definitely on my wish list so I look forward to your review.

    • Cropped cardigans are the best with dresses!
      As for the Hetty, so far it’s a very fast knit… but I’ve just realised my gauge was way too tight and was going to result in a kid sized cardigan! 😀 Off to start from scratch then! :-/

  2. I want to be in as well! Stupid exams… But in three weeks I’ll be free and my first plan is to sew a februari dress as well to replace my first (and ridiculously amateuristic) version 😀

    • I so don’t miss having to take exams! Now that I’m a teacher, it’s so much less stress…
      Crossing fingers for your exams… and your next Februari dress! 🙂

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