Navy Hetty

NavyHetty1It was HOT when I took these pictures, not the ideal weather to be wearing a 3/4 sleeve dress and a wool cardigan! But I was so happy for this cardigan to finally be over that I couldn’t wait for the weather to get colder before I took the pictures.

NavyHetty2I started knitting this cardigan at the very beginning of June, thinking I would be finished in no time. I thought I would knit it in about two weeks, ha! But when I reached the end of the body, I realised my gauge was tighter than I thought and I was probably going to end up with a too small cardigan seeing how tiny the body looked.

I was determined to start from scratch, but not very motivated to do so, so I let it rest for a few days. Then I read on lladybird’s blog that it was probably supposed to look that tiny before blocking, so I changed my mind and chose to go on with the same gauge/size after all.

NavyHetty3Still, I couldn’t shake the fear that I was in fact knitting a kiddie size cardigan (Mimolette laughing her ass off every time she saw how tiny it was didn’t help that fear either! 😉 ), so I lost part of my motivation. That and a very busy month of June meant that there were a lot of days where I didn’t even touch my knitting needles. Oh, and I had to start the first sleeve all over again because I had made a stupid mistake in the way I knit my yarn overs in the round.

NavyHetty4But the Hetty is such a fast knit that, even by knitting one row here, one row there, it was not that long before a whole cardigan fell off my needles.

I added two repeats of the pattern at the end of the sleeves and four rows to each button band to compensate for my gauge being so different from the pattern, but I didn’t add any length to the body because I usually need to shorten my other sweaters/cardigans.

I also picked up way more stitches than recommended (85 instead of 61!) for the button bands, thinking that way it would be easier to stretch them when blocking the cardigan. This meant adding some buttonholes, too: I made eleven instead of eight. Same with the neckband, I picked up 98 stitches instead of 78.

NavYHettyDétailI should have taken a picture of the cardigan before I blocked it (I finished it at night and I didn’t have the patience to wait for the morning light to block it) but believe me when I say it was kid sized: pre-blocking, I think it would have fit a four-year-old!

I can’t tell you how relieved I was when I tried it post-blocking and saw that it fit! It’s very short, but it hits me exactly where I wanted it to, right at the waist! The sleeves too are the perfect length. The whole sweater could stand to be a bit wider though; it is very tight. But luckily it is not so tight that it’s uncomfortable, and as you can see I can wear it over a dress with sleeves.

NavyHetty5You may remember this was the first part of my OAL participation. I’m thinking about changing my plans for the matching dress: I still want to use the same fabric, but I’m having second thoughts regarding the pattern. With the hot weather in Brussels right now and the fact that I’m going to Spain in August, I was thinking about replacing my chosen pattern with the Colette Parfait dress. Right now I have more use of a sundress with straps, so unless I don’t have enough fabric for the Parfait, I think I’ve made up my mind!


23 thoughts on “Navy Hetty

  1. Ok! I admit it publicly (and in (a bad!) english so everyone can (or at least try to) read it!): I laughed at your teeny-weeny cardigan each time I saw it in the past month and I was sure that it wouldn’t fit. (Dear reader of this blog, I can assure you that you would have done the same if you had seen the toddler sized cardigan she showed me 2 days ago!! 😛 )
    So, I was wrong!! 🙂 It fits you well but I think that you should stay away from tartiflette or royal mega burger when you wear it if you don’t want your 11 buttons to pop-out! hu hu hu (just kidding! :P).
    And by the way I love your photos: your happiness of finishing this cardigan is palpable! And you are definitely my hero for wearing a ¾ sleeve dress and a wool cardigan in your under-roof furnace!!
    Have a nice day! 🙂

    • Huhuhu, merci d’avoir battu ta coulpe telle Roland dans sa Chanson! Et tu as totalement raison en ce qui concerne les tartiflettes et autres Royal Mega Burgers! 😀

    • Merci beaucoup! 🙂
      Je pense que c’est un tricot plutôt facile: tout est vraiment bien expliqué dans le patron. La première fois que j’ai tricoté un modèle de Andi Satterlund, pas mal de techniques et d’étapes m’étaient inconnues et me faisaient peur, mais il m’a suffit de suivre les explications à la lettre et tout s’est éclairé au fur et à mesure. La seule difficulté de ce modèle-ci est la dentelle, mais c’est un motif assez simple et si tu places des marqueurs de mailles entre chaque répétition comme je l’ai fait, ça devient beaucoup plus facile de t’y retrouver.
      Et si ce genre de modèle te plaît mais que la dentelle te fait encore peur, il y a aussi le cardigan Miette qui est en grande partie en jersey, avec juste une bordure en dentelle, donc plus facile (et le modèle est gratuit!).
      N’hésite pas à me contacter si tu te lances dans un de ces projets et que tu as des questions!

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