Christmas Eve Outfit

Réveillon4It’s been a long time since I posted a finished garment, and here I am with some of the crappiest pictures I’ve ever posted on this blog, but they will have to do or I’ll never show you any of the last pieces I made, what with winter and its crazy lack of daylight…

I took these coming back from work yesterday around 3 p.m. (lucky me finishing so early! 🙂 ) and I barely had enough light long enough to take them.

Réveillon1So, this is the outfit I made to wear on Christmas Eve. Last year I made the dumbest choice by wearing this skirt which, although very comfortable for daily wear, became an instrument of torture after I had ingurgitated Christmas dinner. Which is why this year I decided I needed the most ample dress possible in order to eat as much as I wanted and not feel like my clothing was trying to kill me.

Réveillon2Enter my beloved modified babydoll Renfrew dress that could hold triplets and a whole turkey! I sewed the waist gathers the same way as for this one (this gathering method makes for a very loose-fitting waist), the sleeves are 3/4 like on this one, but I used a different method for the neckline: for once I didn’t use a band but simply turned under the neckline edge twice. I felt it was dressier.

Réveillon3The sleeves are wide enough for me to layer a 3/4-sleeved T-shirt under the dress for maximum Christmas (and cold weather in general) cosiness. I did not add pockets for lack of time, but I’ll probably add some in the near future because I keep reaching for them when I wear the dress, and of course I don’t know where to put my tissues.

Réveillon5The cropped sweater started its life as a whole nother project. I wanted a cosy sweater dress made from this glittery sweater knit I had recently bought, but when I tried it on I realised it looked positively awful on me! I have no problem wearing things that don’t make me look as thin as possible, or that make me look pregnant for that matter (I guess the outfit I’m showing you today kind of proves my point! 😀 ), but I do wearing things that make me appear deformed! I put the dress aside, feeling there might still be a way to rescue it, and when I started thinking about my Christmas outfit, I immediately thought simply cropping it might make it the perfect companion to the little black babydoll dress I had in mind. And indeed it did!


I must have been Captain Harlock in a previous life!

I also cropped the sleeves, which were about as unflattering as the rest of the dress when they were full-length. Since my fabric has mediocre stretch recovery, I put some wide elastic in the cuffs to prevent them from getting distorted over time. It does feel pretty stiff, which was weird at first, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.

The original collar of the dress also stood very weirdly and/or didn’t suit me at all, so I simply turned it under and topstitched it in place. I was surprised by how good it looked after this simple transformation!

Réveillon7I have been wearing this exact same outfit a lot since Christmas, but I haven’t worn the two pieces separately yet, which is weird since a black dress and a neutral sweater (gold and silver are neutrals to me – I’m not even kidding!) shouldn’t be too hard to combine with the rest of my wardrobe. I guess I just like them so much together!

15 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Outfit

  1. J’adore cet ensemble!!! Et je trouve que la robe babydoll est vraiment une forme qui te va à la perfection! Elle met tes jolies jambes toutes fines en valeur!
    Bon et ce pull!! 😀 Dire qu’il est le résultat d’un mauvais casting de patron! Lol. Beau rattrapage!! Hi hi hi Et je suis complètement d’accord avec toi: doré/argenté = ton neutre!
    En tout cas bravo d’avoir trouvé le courage de te prendre en photo avec cette lumière du jour toute pourrite ;D!

  2. super look de fête!! la coupe de la robe te va super bien, j’avais déjà beaucoup aimé tes versions précédantes!! et excellente récup d’une robe râtée, le cropped sweat..ça va très bien ensemble et oui le doré et argent va avec tout, non mais :)!! vivement les journées plus longues et plus lumineuses 🙂 c’est effectivement un véritable calvaire les photos à prendre par ce temps 🙂

    • Merci beaucoup! Et ravie d’apprendre qu’apparemment je suis loin d’être la seule à trouver que le doré et l’argenté vont avec tout! 😉
      Pfiou, il me reste un cardigan et un pull à prendre en photo, je ne sais pas quand la lumière le permettra!

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