Tangerine Cardigan

Orange6I’ve never been a fan of orange, but ever since I finished this dress I’m wearing in the pictures, I had been wanting to knit an orange cardigan to go with it (hoping it would also go with other things in my wardrobe). Knowing how long it usually takes me to translate my ideas into actions, I’m kind of surprised it took me less than a year to make this cardigan a reality. I finished the dress last year in March, and the cardigan this year in February.

Orange5Once again, it’s a Andi Satterlund pattern, the Marion cardigan, and once again it was a pretty fast (it took me exactly one month from start to finish) and easy knit. Seeing as how much I love both their style and construction, this is certainly not the last of her patterns you’ll see here!

Orange1The yarn is Nepal by Drops (colourway: 2920 orange), which I had already used for this project. It’s a lovely yarn, very nice to knit with, and I always machine wash the finished sweaters (on a very delicate cycle, at 20°C) and they still look like new. So this is certainly not the last time you’ll see this yarn here either.

Orange2I had to shorten the cardigan a little bit for the ribbing to sit at my waist (judging from the pictures I think maybe I should have shortened it even more) and I chose to lengthen the sleeves to full length, because it was very cold when I knit it and I couldn’t imagine myself not wanting to wear long sleeves at the time. They seemed long enough at first, but I realised when wearing the cardigan that after I raise my arms they tend to creep up a tad and I sometimes have to readjust them. You can see that on my right arm in some of the pictures, because I had just reached for the shutter button of the camera. And while you’re at it, why don’t you take a look at the cute little cables on the sleeve ribbing? I think they are my favourite detail on this pattern!

Orange3Just like with the skirt I showed you last week, I finished this cardigan so long ago that I do not remember all of the details, so it’s a lucky thing I wrote everything down on Ravelry at the time. But just like with the skirt I showed you last week, I finished this cardigan so long ago that I’ve already had plenty of occasions to wear it and I know that it goes great with a lot of things in my wardrobe!


23 thoughts on “Tangerine Cardigan

  1. I really like all of Andi’s patterns, and the Miette is probably my favorite. Unfortunately, my knitting skills aren’t so great so I’ve stalled out on my first sweater pattern once I got to the sleeves. Maybe one day, haha?

    • Oh, you should either persevere or start another project! The Miette was the first of Andi’s patterns I ever tried, and it was a revelation, so I’d definitely recommend it to you!

  2. Beautiful color! I also lengthened the sleeves on Marion (I usually do that with Andi’s patterns). I’d like to make this one again. The cables are fun to do!

    • Thank you! Yes, the cables are so fun to do and keep the stockinette body from getting boring! I have sooo many cardigans and sweaters on my to do list I think it will be a long time before I contemplate remaking one I’ve already made! 😀

  3. Il est vraiment magnifique ! (Et c’est la laine choisie par mon mari pour son cardigan-boulet, je suis contente de savoir qu’elle a un bon potentiel-vieillesse !)

    • Merci! 🙂
      Franchement, si on compare la Nepal de Drops à la Cascade 220, qui a le même échantillon, y a pas photo: je ne sais pas si c’est le pourcentage d’alpaga qui fait la différence, mais là où la Cascade 220 a quand même bien feutré à la machine, mes pulls en Nepal n’ont pas encore bougé!

  4. Love this! I prefer it with long sleeves too (I’m just not a 3/4 length sleeve person!) My next knitting project is definitely going to be one of Andi’s patterns as they all look so perfect paired with dresses.

  5. J’adore ta version! Cett couleur te va vraiment très bien et je crois que je suis en train de me laisser séduire par le coté obscur des gilets en tricots. J’en voudrais plein!!

  6. Bravo, pour ce beau cardigan (et pour tous les autres d’ailleurs! J’adore tes tricots et tes ouvrages en couture!!!
    Une petite question technique, je vais me lancer dans le gilet marion et comme toi je voudrais le faire à manche longue pour l’hiver. Te rappelles-tu combien de pelotes tu as utlisé pour allonger les manches? Je voulais savoir aussi quelle taille as-tu choisie? Je fais du 38 mais je suis assez fine et j’hésites entre le XS et le S.

    • Merci beaucoup, c’est très gentil! 🙂
      Pour ce qui est de la quantité de laine utilisée pour rallonger les manches, c’est difficile à dire vu qu’à côté de ça j’ai un peu raccourci le corps. J’ai utilisé 8 pelotes de Nepal de Drops au total, donc un peu moins de 600 mètres, là où le patron en prévoyait 530… par contre je ne sais pas combien de mètres j’ai économisé avec les rangs en moins pour le corps. J’imagine qu’une pelote supplémentaire devrait suffire à rallonger les manches?

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