Mimosa Cardigan

Tambourine1Quick, before summer gets here and makes it unbearable to wear this cardigan even for a short photo session!

I haven’t worn it since I finished it two months ago, at first because I hadn’t blocked it yet, and then because even though the weather had not been very warm yet, it was still not cold enough anymore for me to wear such a cardigan. It’s now patiently waiting for its hour of glory on its shelf in the wardrobe, and I’m pretty sure I’ll wear it a lot come fall and winter. I mean, aren’t those circles of nupps adorable?

Tambourine3I don’t think I’ll wear it a lot closed all the way up like this though. I prefer it open; it looks less strict I think.

The lovely pattern is Tambourine by Julia Farwell-Clay, from Pom Pom Quarterly #12, and the yarn is Drops Karisma (colourway 52), which I can only recommend since it’s already my third time using it. I didn’t like the contiguous button bands of the pattern, so I changed them into ribbing I picked up and knit on afterwards. I explained this in more detail on Ravelry.

Tambourine4I also didn’t feel like sewing the sleeves to the body, so I decided to try and replace them with seamless set-in sleeves. After I had done my calculations, I took a look at these instructions and saw that the sleeves of size M used the same number of stitches, so I simply used those sleeves instead of the Tambourine ones. The sleeves are a little bit snugger than expected (it may have something to do with my gauge tightening when I knit in the round), but they are still perfectly comfortable, so no biggie.

Tambourine5I lengthened the sleeves a little bit, too, because with past knitting projects I often forgot that sleeves tend to creep up when you wear them and ended up with too short sleeves.

Even though I haven’t worn it yet for meteorological reasons, I’m really happy with the outcome. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I can’t wait for fall to arrive so that I can wear it though, because that would be much too ironic seeing as how all I can think about right now is summer!


14 thoughts on “Mimosa Cardigan

  1. Oh I adore this! So much so, I just queued it at No 1 in my Ravelry queue. It might be a relatively simple cardigan but those little circles at front really make it a bit more interesting. I might also love it as it is the perfect shade. I’ve looked for something in just this shade for ages. I need something like this in my wardrobe 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous cardigan! The circle nub pattern running down the front is really effective – I love knitwear with interesting textures and patterns. It’s still knitted cardigan weather in Scotland so I can always take this off your hands for a few months… 😉

  3. Il est superbe!
    Dis-moi, je viens en Belgique en septembre, aurais-tu des magasins de laines à me conseiller? (Bruxelles, Anvers)

    • Merci beaucoup!
      À Bruxelles malheureusement le seul magasin de laine digne de ce nom a fermé il y a un an, et je connais très peu Anvers. 😦
      Si tu cherches des magasins de tissu à Bruxelles par contre, je peux t’en indiquer deux ou trois très chouettes!

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