Minty Fresh Sweater

Mint1As an avid fan of cropped sweaters and cute collars, I waited for about three seconds and a half before ordering the Ondée sweater when it came out. I had been eyeing the Bluegingerdoll Bonnie sweater but had never clicked on purchase, but the adorable collar of the Deer&Doe one coupled to the fact that Deer&Doe patterns usually fit me pretty well made me glad I had waited.

Mint3I can knit the cropped sweaters I need of course, and it’s not like I was desperately looking for something to wear with my high-waisted skirts as I’ve read was the case for so many people, but sewing a top is still a nice change from spending a month or more knitting one. And did I tell you about the adorable collar?

Mint4I immediately knew I wanted to use this mint cotton (with a hint of elasthane) jersey knit, and white for the collar (a crisp white collar is always a safe bet), and the result is exactly what I had hoped for, yay!

Mint5The pattern was really easy to follow and fast to sew. Even the collar, which I thought was going to be more difficult than a classic T-shirt collar, was a piece of cake. I used my serger for everything but the collar, and a zigzag stitch for the latter. A double needle would have been my first choice, but my machine has been acting out lately every time I’ve tried to use a double needle, so after trying in vain different tensions and needles on fabric scraps, in the end I opted for a simple zigzag stitch, which worked like a charm.

Mint2I don’t have a lot more to say about such a straightforward project, but rest assured that this won’t be the last Ondée you see on this blog!

16 thoughts on “Minty Fresh Sweater

  1. Moi je trouve que ce patron devrait être rebaptisé à ton nom tellement il correspond pile poil au style que tu portes depuis des années!! D’ailleurs je suis assez étonnée quand je vois le nombre de personnes qui se découvrent une passion pour les hauts cropped depuis la sortie de Ondée: ça existait avant ce genre de tops nan?! ;P
    Je suis totalement d’accord avec toi: le col blanc immaculé c’est toujours une bonne idée! Sauf, apparemment, lorsqu’il est associé au noir… Lors d’une réception où je portais un Londée 😉 noir à col blanc, on m’a pris plusieurs fois pour la serveuse :/
    En tout cas je trouve que ton sweat te va à la perfection et cette couleur!!!! Yummmy!!! 🙂

    • Merciiiiiii! 🙂
      Et mince, moi qui voulais m’en coudre un noir à col blanc, je devrai me tenir à l’écart des réceptions, cafés et restaurants! 😀

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