Encina Dress

Encina1How time flies when you’re on holiday… I hadn’t planned on taking a blog break for the whole duration of my summer off from work, but these two months have flown by and I have just realised that I haven’t posted anything here since the end of June.

I have mentioned previously that I don’t like posting my finished makes in the “wrong” order, i.e. not in the order I finished them, but I have finally come to my senses: this would mean photographing my sundresses in the dearth of winter, which… nope, not going to happen!

Encina2So here is the last thing I made, and a clear favourite! I spent the month of August in Spain, and since I had just gotten rid of a few too old summer dresses, I needed to sew one or two new ones to take with me.

This one is a Japanese pattern, dress F1 from this book (how cute is the cover dress by the way?). As you can probably guess from the loose fit and simple design, it didn’t require a muslin and it was really easy and fast to sew. I made a size M (FYI, my bust is a Burda and Deer&Doe 36) and it was spot on; I didn’t need to take anything in or let anything out.

Encina4When I first inserted the back elastic, I thought it looked really weird, thick and lumpy, but I was surprised by how much better it looked on the finished dress, and although not perfect, it doesn’t bother me any when I wear the dress.

Encina5My only deviation from the pattern was adding two giant patch pockets, for aesthetic and practical purposes. At first I sewed them right along the side seams of the dress (as you can see here), but in the end I felt like they would look better placed about ten centimetres closer to the centre, so I unpicked and reattached them.

Encina6The fabric, a pale blue cotton with white trees, came from Stragier. It cost €15 a metre, which is more expensive than what I’m usually willing to pay for a simple cotton, but it seemed so much cheaper compared to the outrageous prices of most of the fabrics in the shop, and anyway, I couldn’t pass up such a lovely print! Because the trees reminded him of the oaks that adorn the country in the area where we spend our annual summer holiday, it was my boyfriend who dubbed the dress my “Encina dress”.

Encina3I’m particularly happy with this dress. It was unbelievably comfortable in the Spanish summer heat, and I also find it really pretty and surprisingly flattering (though I won’t be mad at you if you roll your eyes at my proneness to find potato sacks flattering…).

Next up, another favourite, the other dress I sewed for my Spanish trip!

14 thoughts on “Encina Dress

  1. Looks great! 🙂 very cute and summery. I was thinking ‘that looks familiar’ then I kept reading and turns out I have made the same one! I was worried about the back elastic too but it came out better and flatter after wearing a couple of times. Funny because I did big patch pockets on mine too! I sewed it in linen. 🙂
    It’s here at the end of this post if you’re interested, not very good shots though

  2. Ben moi je comprends tout à fait que cette robe soit devenue une de tes préférées!!! Le tissu est juste magnifique (en même temps on parle de tissu bleu ciel et blanc alors je ne suis pas forcément très objective! hi hi hi!) et la robe a une coupe simple mais efficace! Et je suis assez d’accord avec toi: je la trouve flatteuse et bien que ample, elle ne fait pas sac à patates. Et le détail que j’adore: les poches méga géantes!!! Il se pourrait bien qu’un jour je te pique l’idée! ^^
    Je te félicite pour avoir vaincu ta psychorigidité bloguesque! ;P Je crois que ça aurait aussi difficile à regarder qu’à photographier une robe toute légère en plein hiver! 😀
    À bientôt! Bisous! 🙂

  3. De bien jolies photos pour une robe ravissante 😍 Je garde l’idée en tête pour l’été prochain. Elle a l’air si confortable…

    • Hihi, merci! 🙂 Et je ne peux que te la conseiller pour l’été prochain: c’est la robe d’été la plus confortable que j’aie jamais portée! Et puis elle est tellement facile à coudre, alors pourquoi s’en priver?

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      I was going to tell you how lucky you were to have summer on its way to you, but then I remembered how eager I was to start sewing for fall, my favourite season! 😀 I’m going to be very jealous when I’m stuck in winter for months on end though! 😉

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