Chardon1The vermilion Chardon skirt I made two years ago is one of those garments I reach for constantly, both in summer and winter. So when I found this vibrant green cotton at Les Tissus du Chien Vert earlier this year, I thought it would make a perfect new glaring Chardon that I knew would get a lot of wear.

Chardon2I made this skirt in early May, so I can already tell you that it did indeed get a lot of wear, as did the t-shirt I’m wearing in the pictures, sewn a few days before. The t-shirt is also my second time using a pattern (and it’s also the same t-shirt I’m wearing in the pictures of the post about my first Chardon!), a two-piece tee (one front piece, one back piece) from this Ottobre magazine.

Chardon6I finished the t-shirt differently from the first time, by substituting a narrow neckline/sleeve band to the neckline/sleeve binding. Other than that, it’s the same as the first one, but serged instead of sewn by machine (except for the top stitching, made with a double needle). It’s also exactly the same kind of slinky rayon knit as the purple one, but two years of experience made it way easier to cut than the first time around.

As for the skirt, I decided to bind all of the seams with bias tape, and I have to say I was pretty proud of the result! I was afraid it was going to be too bulky at the pockets, but it isn’t, so I’ll definitely use this method again in the future.

Chardon3I did screw up somewhere in sewing the pleats, though, which are a little wider (and less deep) than they should be. At first I made them the correct size, but when I tried on the skirt before attaching the zipper, I felt like it was going to be too snug. So I let out each pleat by a few millimetres to gain a couple centimetres. And of course, when I tried on the skirt a second time, this time with the zipper, it was way too big at the waist! I unpicked the zipper, and since I couldn’t be bothered to unpick and redo the pleats for the second time, I simply cut off the excess at the centre back seam and re-inserted the zipper.

Chardon4Despite this silly mistake, I’ve been wearing these two garments a lot, both together and separately. The outfit I’m wearing in the pictures is the exact outfit I had been wearing all day at work, hence the wrinkled skirt.

I’m really happy with the finishing of both garments, especially of the inside of the skirt. It’s so pretty it almost feels like a waste to keep it hidden. It’s such a shame that I can’t wear it inside out… Or could I?


19 thoughts on “Doppelgangers

  1. Yes you can! Même à l’envers, ta jupe est tout à fait portable. Certes, tous ces biais lui donnent un petit côté “tablier” mais bon, pourquoi pas? En tout cas, ta dernière photo est trop marrante …

  2. You could definitely get away with wearing it inside out – the binding is so cheerful. Good job on finding a couple of tried-and-true patterns that make garments you want to reach for again and again. Who says basic has to be boring? These definitely aren’t!

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  4. Cute! I have a question- the outer edge of your pocket bags, are they bound together? I always finish my pocket bags separately first, because of the order of constriction. Is there a way around this? Love the bound seams, they look great.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      No, they are bound separately, which is the main reason why I was dreading the result would be too bulky! But I’m thinking with a little bit of planning ahead it would be possible to bind them together: first binding the seam allowance where the pocket and the side seam of the skirt are joined, then sewing the side seams (and pockets), then binding the seam allowance of the side seams + pockets? But I have the worst spatial intelligence, so I can’t really tell if it’s possible until I try it! 😀

  5. Nan mais ces finitions sur cette Chardon 😍 (J’ai enfin reçu mes coupons Sam’Oz et c’est la danse de la joie, qu’est-ce qu’ils sont beaux, re-😍 !)

    PS : Je n’avais jamais réalisé que la Rue des Renards, c’était celle de ‘Het Warm Water’ et du Restobières, nostalgiiiiie !

    • Hihihihuhuhu [rire de dinde], merci pour tous ces compliments! 😀 J’ai hâte de voir ce que tu vas coudre avec les tissus Sam’Oz! Mais ils ont pris plus d’un mois et demi à arriver?!
      Et oui, c’est bien cette jolie Rue des Renards; j’y ai habité quand j’étais petite! 🙂

  6. Ma commande a dû être envoyée deux fois, la 1ère ne m’étant jamais parvenue *musique dramatique* (ou sa version *conspiration cosmique*)… Les deux coupons vont devenir des sacs à projet, je pense, pour accueillir mes tricots marins, histoire de ne pas dépayser les morues.

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