Snails on a Eucalypt

Escargot1I hesitated sharing this top as it is so simple. I would have preferred showing it at the same time as a matching bottom in order not to devote a whole post to such a basic piece, but none of the garments I haven’t blogged yet fits the bill, so here goes.

Escargot2It’s Megan Nielsen’s Eucalypt tank, a pattern I’ve made twice already, once in a woven as per the pattern, and once in a knit. I got the fabric from a swap in September (thanks again, Yanoudatoi!). My intention that day was not to come back home with anything, but I couldn’t resist such a cute print, so I allowed myself to take it but use it immediately, which I did.

Escargot3It was a very short length, so I didn’t hesitate for long: the only pattern I could think about that could fit such a tiny piece was the Eucalypt. There wasn’t enough fabric to make the bias tape, so I went in search of some pre-made at Kaléidoscope, where I knew I could find some that was light enough since they carry a lot of Liberty bias tape. Not only did I find bias tape that was light enough, but I found matching bias tape! Not matching as in the same colourway, no, matching as in the very same fabric, with just a tiny nuance in colour!

Mathematics not being my forte, I didn’t buy enough to bind the bottom hem, so I sewed a baby hem instead.

Escargot4In addition to that little involuntary one, I made two voluntary modifications to the pattern: I straightened the hem because I intended on wearing the top tucked in most of the time, and I added a fake button placket.

I don’t think I’ll be back with a new post in the next two days because CHRISTMAS!, so let me wish you a Merry Christmas already, and I’ll see you Saturday!


5 thoughts on “Snails on a Eucalypt

  1. Il est vraiment très mignon ce haut… mais je remarque surtout ta jupe, vraiment classe et simple ! (et désolée de te mettre à nouveau la chanson en tête !) Joyeux Noël !

    • Oh, je pensais avoir répondu à ce commentaire il y a des jours: je pense qu’il y a eu un bug quelque part (peut-être bien dans ma tête)?! Dans tous les cas, encore merci pour ton commentaire! Moi aussi j’aime beaucoup cette jupe! Et aucun problème pour la chanson, qui est loin d’être la pire qui puisse me trotter en tête! Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année!

    • Like for Théa Oz’s comment right above, I thought I had answered your comment here days ago, weird… Anyway, thank you for your comment, and yes, that matching bias tape was a lucky find! 🙂

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