Agatha Au Naturel

Agatha4This is technically my first completed knit of 2016! I started it last August and finished the knitting part at the very beginning of November… but then I waited for two months and a half to weave in the ends and sew on the buttons, no idea why! When I finally got to it, it was nice spending an hour or two on the finishing touches and getting the impression of having made a whole cardigan in so little time!

Agatha1This Agatha cardigan is my seventh Andi Satterlund sweater/cardigan, and my third time using Drops Nepal yarn (a wool and alpaca blend). What can I say, I’m a creature of habit! I have nothing new to say about the yarn, it’s still very pleasant to work with and to wear, and its only negatives would be that it sheds a little bit of hair on any dark clothes I wear with it, and that it has a strong smell when it’s wet.

Agatha2As for the pattern, it uses the same construction as all of Andi’s sweater patterns, but I would rate it as a little bit more difficult than the other ones I have knit. With the different lace panels of the body that don’t have the same number of rows in their respective repeats, it took me a long time to memorize the repeats and I constantly had to refer to the diagrams, save for at the very end. So nothing complicated per se, but it did require more concentration than the other ones I’ve made, and I am kind of in awe of the people who chose this pattern as their first sweater!

Agatha5There are two little things I’m not in love with on the finished cardigan: the first one is the fact that the upper sleeves are a touch too wide for me, even though I made my usual size (Ravelry notes here). When I look back at the pictures of the pattern, I see that’s how they are supposed to fit, and it’s probably just that I’m used to a closer fit, so nothing serious there.

The other small negative is entirely on my part: I don’t know how I managed that, but I messed up the top buttonhole, which ended up way too close to the edge of the button band! I realised that when sewing on the buttons, so I attached the top button accordingly at first, but then I realised I mostly (more like, always) wear my cardigans open, so it made more sense to sew the button on the same line as the other ones, and have it look crooked when the cardigan is closed (i.e. possibly never) rather than when it is open. Plus, I can also wear it with all buttons closed but the top one like I did in some of the pictures here. Come to think of it, the top buttonhole is on the part I knit last, so if it still bothers me after wearing the cardigan for a little while, I could always reknit it… Though I doubt it will be the case!

Agatha6Speaking of buttons, they are one of the things I like most about this cardigan! For once I found what I wanted in my stash: they are a series of six buttons that my mother had rescued from an old jacket she threw away years (decades?) ago, and I love their vintage style; I think they pair extremely well with the natural colour of the yarn and the style of the cardigan.

Agatha3Another thing I love is the look of the side and sleeve decreases, so neat! And the lace panels, both on the body and on the sleeves. And the cuffs. And… Okay, I think it’s fair to say I quite like this cardigan!

14 thoughts on “Agatha Au Naturel

  1. Je regarde ton article avec mon mini de 2 ans sur mes genoux et à chaque photo il a dit : “oh lui contente avec son pull beau”
    Pourtant, c’est le spécialiste du “j’aime pas, pas beau”. Donc, Victor et moi, on est d’accord : ton pull est canon ! 🙂

  2. The buttons really complement the slightly rustic quality of the yarn. Have you ever given us a look at your button stash? If not, I would love to get a glimpse of your collection. I would bet it’s divine!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I haven’t ever given you a tour of my button stash, because it’s all hidden in boxes and a jar, but it’s not that divine really! 😀 There are some cute series, but there’s also a lot of pretty uninteresting, boring old buttons…

  3. So pretty and well fitted! I don’t think I’ve seen an agatha knit in a neutral colour.

    Agatha was probably the worst thing I could have picked as a first knitted garment for myself, but I was determined that’s what I wanted to make, even if it meant writing out every row by hand as my brain refused to memorise the chart patterns! On the other hand it’s making what I’m knitting now, Andi’s sunshower cardigan, seem like a breeze!

    By the way I updated my blog post with the pattern (can’t believe I forgot to mention it!) and yes it is Pauline Alice’s Turia dungarees. Well spotted! They’re great fun to make and wear. Also, yay for not dressing like a “grown up” 😀

    • Thank you so much! 🙂

      I so admire your determination to knit this cardigan as your first! It’s always best daring to make what you’ll really want to wear, even if it seems a little bit out of your league, than limiting yourself to something easier you won’t get any use out of!

      And thanks for the update on the dungaree pattern!

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