Sailorette1How many Ondées are too many Ondées? This is Ondée #6 (and — spoiler alert! I made #7 on the same day!). This is also far from my first striped top; what can I say? I know what I like!

I’ve sewn a couple more challenging projects lately, and Ondée is still the perfect palate cleanser for when you don’t want to jump directly from one long project to another.

Sailorette7I made my usual size, and this time I used a navy/off-white striped cotton jersey with lycra, once again from the Stoffenspektakel. The neckline, waist and sleeve bands are made from the same off-white cotton ribbing I used for this T-shirt (from De Stoffenkamer). It’s pretty thick, more than the main fabric. This made it a little bit difficult to sew through the bulk at seam junctions, but it does look nice in the end.

Sailorette2The skirt is one of Deer&Doe’s new patterns, the Zéphyr dress. A skirt version, obviously. I’m in-between sizes (36/38 waist) at the moment and I opted for a 36, which is perfectly comfortable, not too tight at all. I didn’t grade to my hip size (close to a 42), hoping the shape of the skirt would provide enough room by itself, and it does. I do have to wiggle a little bit to put on the skirt, but that’s always the case with any garment that relies on stretch and not on any fastenings: if it fits my waist, it won’t easily get past my hips.

Sailorette5The fabric I used is a navy ponte of unknown composition I recently bought at the Stoffenspektakel with this exact skirt in mind. It is perfect for this pattern, just the right weight and thickness.

I pressed the waist seam allowance upwards and topstitched it in place with a three-step zigzag stitch because otherwise it fell towards the skirt and formed a bulge where the side and waist seams meet. I would do the same for any future version, except that I think I would use a plain zigzag stitch. The hem was serged, then turned and stitched with a straight stitch (no real risk of popping the stitches with this wide hem).

Sailorette6Like the Ondée, this skirt allowed me to catch my breath between two more complicated projects. I think this might be the fastest garment I’ve ever sewn! Two pieces to trace, three pieces to cut, that’s it! I don’t often make a skirt without pockets, but I think pockets would have ruined the shape of this one, so I didn’t add any. I’ve already worn it a few times, and the lack of pockets didn’t bother me too much.

Sailorette3I sometimes feel almost guilty when I make such easy projects, thinking I should spend my time sewing things that are much more challenging, but then again I love the resulting garments, so why feel guilty when I should feel proud to be making pieces I’m going to wear on a daily basis? Just because a project is easy, doesn’t mean it’s worthless, does it?


21 thoughts on “Sailorette

    • Merci beaucoup! 🙂 Et moi aussi j’adooooore mes mocassins! Je les ai trouvés sur eBay pour une bouchée de pain, en photo je n’étais pas tout à fait certaine que c’était ce que je cherchais mais vu le prix j’ai risqué, et depuis je dois les porter au moins un jour sur deux!

  1. Easy certainly doesn’t equal worthless, or even less worthwhile. Easy projects are a great opportunity to concentrate on techniques and efficiency, like perfecting machine tension or achieving flow while hand stitching. I find easy projects are also much more likely to expose where one has rushed through something. I have some costumes from early in my sewing career that were challenging to make and the outsides look pretty sharp, hiding snarled threads and wonky seams on the inside. On the other hand, I have a t-shirt I made a few weeks ago that had a minor serger mishap on the neck band, and no amount of re-sewing can fix how lopsided the band and shoulders turned out as a result.

    • You’re so right, I hadn’t even thought about how great it is to be able to fully concentrate on the most perfect finishing possible when you are not distracted by any technical difficulty!

  2. Jolie moussaillonne !
    J’alterne aussi projets simples et plus compliqués, parce qu’à certains moments, je ressens un trou dans ma garde-robe que je veux remplir au plus vite, comme pour le moment celui de la jupe en coton bleu marine (qui a évidemment engendré le besoin d’un haut assorti).

    • Merci! 🙂
      C’est si chouette quand un trou dans la garde-robe peut être comblé par un projet rapide! De mon côté ces derniers temps les projets rapides m’ont plutôt servi de récréation entre de longues réalisations dont j’avais vraiment besoin (veste imperméable, jeans, une veste pour Monsieur…). Quoique, maintenant que j’y pense, j’ai quand même encore quelques besoins à combler qui devraient être bien plus rapides, comme une jupe noire froncée ou des collants en dentelle!

  3. I love your outfit! I can’t wait to try out the ondee sweater too, but I have so many other projects on the go right now 😦 Also, the Stoffenspeltakel ❤️❤️❤️

    • Thank you! Not to tempt you, but the Ondée would take no time at all between two of all those other projects! 😉
      And yes, the Stoffenspektakel is the BEST! 🙂

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