Another Year in Review

With only seven posts in a whole year, you’d think I wouldn’t dare coming back here for a yearly review, wouldn’t you? Well, you would be wrong! 😀

The fact that I haven’t blogged a lot doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sewing and knitting, and because I have documented most of what I’ve made on Instagram, I even had most of the pictures ready for my little annual collage:

I’ve made 35 things total this year, which is awesome since I haven’t been forcing myself to do anything, so 35 entirely fun sewing and knitting projects! But I do feel obligated to point out that a lot of these were quick sewing projects such as tees, panties and other easy jersey garments! And yes, I do count each pair of panties as a finished object, just because.

Let’s bring back the pie charts (made here) and have a look at the techniques used in the 2017 projects:

I’ve clearly been more into knits this year than last year! And a bit more productive knitting-wise, too. But no more millinery (the only hat I’ve made was knit), and still no shoes.

What kind of garments have I been making then?

Dresses and tops are once again the winners, closely followed by a new category, dancewear, and then another new category, underwear! I’ve also finally delved into the world of sock knitting and sewing loungewear. I was surprised to see that I’ve only sewn one skirt though (against five last year).

As for the brands:

How did I only sew one Deer&Doe pattern in a year?! Other than that, nothing surprising: a lot of Andi Satterlund and a little bit of everything else! And the beginning of a new love story with Ohhh Lulu apparently. Oh, and please don’t be fooled by the 3 “no pattern” projects: a pair of curtains, a knitted scarf and a sewn one; all three literal rectangles!

Looking back at the collage, I can see that I haven’t made a lot of technically difficult items, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been challenging myself into trying new things: before 2017 I had never knit a sock, nor sewn dancewear. Also, I had sewn a pair of panties in 2015, but never a bra.

One thing that makes me really happy is that I’ve FINALLY finished three of my UFOs! The curtains had been started years ago, as had this hoodie and this knitted top, so it feels really good to cross them off my list.

Another positive is that only one thing I’ve made has been a fail: this Dunbar sports bra, too loose to be wearable for its intended purpose. But all the rest has been loved and worn, a new record for me. It’s become a reflex for me to think about how I’ll wear something and whether I’d buy it in a shop, but also to prioritise projects I know I need (or really really want!), which seems to be working quite well.

The big negative is clearly… the blog! Seven posts in a year, how did that happen? I mean, this wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have an interest or find any pleasure in it anymore, but I do, and so I find it quite sad to have neglected it so much this past year, watching the list of unblogged projects get longer and longer (in case you’re wondering, yes, I do have a list). There are of course things I don’t intend on blogging about, such as the boring bathroom curtains and even more boring bandana scarf, for which the blog post would be “I hemmed a piece of fabric. That’s it.”, but I feel like all the rest does have its place here. I know I wrote a few years back that I wouldn’t take New Year’s resolutions anymore, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so here’s my one and only resolution for 2018: I will blog on the regular again. By “on the regular”, I mean weekly(ish): unless I have a real reason not to (true lack of time, illness…), I will publish one blog post a week until I have caught up on my backlog. So watch this space!

13 thoughts on “Another Year in Review

  1. Thank you for this interesting review! I can totally understand your rare blogging. However I am looking forward seeing and reading more of your makes. My year has been similar. So I made dancewear this year and those are probably the most worn items.
    Have a very happy New Year!

    • That’s what’s so nice about dancewear (as well as loungewear and underwear): they get worn SO MUCH! As for the rare blogging, once you lose your blogging habits, it’s very difficult to come back. I hope (and think!) my resolution will help me get those habits back! 🙂

  2. Merci pour ce compte-rendu et je suis très contente de ta résolution !
    Je suis à égalité avec toi: j’ai posté 7 billets couture (tous en été) mais j’ai cousu moins que toi: 14 vêtements (le dernier devrait être terminé in extremis aujourd’hui).
    Bonne année !

    • Ah, mais donc toi tu as blogué 50% de tes créations, c’est moins la honte comme quota!
      Et je suis ravie de savoir que mes futurs billets seront quand même lus par quelques personnes! 😀
      Bonne année et à bientôt!

  3. Une année bien productive 🙂
    Je suis d’accord que tenir un blog est parfois fastidieux, j’ai moi aussi plus de vêtements cousus non blogués que l’inverse cette année, même si tous ne méritent pas un article.
    J’adore ton short doré!

    • Mon short doré te dit merci! 😀
      Ce qui est difficile avec le blog, c’est quand on perd le pli… Là où avant j’avais le réflexe, quand je terminais un vêtement, de le prendre assez vite en photo, maintenant que j’ai perdu cette habitude (merci Instagram?), les jours, puis les semaines, mois (années?!) se suivent sans que je pense à bloguer telle ou telle création. Bref, j’espère que ma résolution m’aidera à retrouver cette habitude!

  4. J’adore lire tes posts de fin d’année ! Ta productivité et surtout la diversité de tes projets sont super impressionnants 🙂
    Je te rejoins dans le club des déçues de leur productivité bloguesque en 2017. Je vais essayer moi aussi de poster une fois par semaine (le dimanche je pense), on verra si je m’y tiens. Je t’enverrai un High five virtuel à chaque fois que je verrai passer un de tes posts 😀

    • Merci beaucoup! 🙂 J’aime toujours écrire ces billets de fin d’année et surtout compiler les photos des projets, entre autres parce que sans ça j’ai toujours l’impression de n’avoir quasi rien cousu dans l’année (je me rends mieux compte de ce que j’ai accompli en tricot; est-ce parce que je tricote tous les jours ou presque ou parce que je tiens mon Ravelry parfaitement à jour?), donc ça me fait du bien au moral de me rendre compte que bizarrement je suis même un peu plus productive qu’au début de mon blog…
      2017 aura été l’année de la relâche complète au niveau du blog, 2018 sera celle de la reprise, qu’on se le dise! J’ai trop hâte de lire tes billets du dimanche (ou d’un autre jour, je ne suis pas sectaire) et je t’enverrai moi aussi des high five virtuels! 😀

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