Golondrina Moneta

When I finished this Moneta dress about a year ago and put it on my dress form, it was love at first sight. Then I tried it on and saw that the waist fell about an inch too low to my taste: I like the waist seam of my fit and flare dresses to fall exactly at my waist. And I prefer a waist seam that is a touch too high than a touch too low. But it did not look awful either, so I thought I’d try wearing the dress like that and see whether I’d maybe change my mind like it sometimes happens and decide that I did not mind the position of the waist in the end.

Man did I feel self-conscious that next day at work! I could not not think about that too low waist and kept unwittingly crossing my arms to hide it. It had been a very long time since I had felt that uncomfortable in a piece of clothing (which in turn made me cherish the fact that I’m so used to feeling good in my clothes that it has become a given)! So that was it, I definitely had to alter the waist.

You know me, summer came and I hadn’t even touched said waist yet. I tried on the dress again, to get an idea of how much I had to shorten the bodice and I thought “hey, it actually looks way less weird than I remembered” and wore it the next day. I felt far from as uncomfortable as the first time I had worn it, yet I knew I still had to alter it.

What’s funny is, in the two times I’ve worn this dress, it has garnered a crazy amount of compliments. More in two days than each of my most worn garments in the numerous times I’ve worn them (except for this dress; it’s like I cannot wear this dress and not get at least one compliment — I’ve been stopped on the street by strangers about this dress 😀 )! But none of that really matters when you don’t feel totally comfortable, so I knew I wouldn’t wear it anymore until I shortened its bodice at last.

It took me a few more months, but I eventually did (almost a year after finishing the dress…). And even though this means the skirt now falls an inch higher up my knees and does not hit that perfect-for-me spot anymore, I finally feel perfectly comfortable in my dress, phew! It might still benefit from shortening the back bodice by something like one more centimetre to compensate for my probable swayback, but that’s a detail that can wait for the next version!

I have to say, it’s not the easiest dress to wear in winter though… Not because of its shape, but because of the fabric (from the Stoffenspektakel and tissus.net — I regretted to have only gotten one metre of it at the Stoffenspektakel so I bought some more when I came across it while browsing tissus.net), or more precisely because of the colour of the fabric. It’s proven very difficult to find a matching colour other than black. The only cardigan of mine that does not look too bad with it is my red Mary Mead, but what I need is a black cropped cardigan. I do own a black cardigan, but its shape does not look nice at all with this dress; it makes me feel like I’m wearing a nightdress and a dressing gown. I’m pretty sure a black cropped cardigan could be worn with a lot of other outfits, so I absolutely need to either knit or sew (I’m looking at you, Juniper!) one.

Now that I’ve solved my little fit problem with this dress, I want to make a million more! I love the shape of the neckline (especially at the back), sleeves and skirt. And it’s sooooo comfortable, all the while looking so elegant!

The only thing I didn’t like with the pattern was the way they have you gather the skirt, ugh! I don’t understand how people can get a nice looking waistline with that method: you need to stretch the waistline of the bodice so much for it to match the skirt; even with the addition of the clear elastic (which you also have to stretch too much), I personally couldn’t get a truly clean result and the waist seam is a bit wavy in places.

EDIT (12/1): Oops, I suddenly realised that this is not the way the pattern has you gather the skirt! It has you gather the skirt with clear elastic, then attach it to the bodice. I now remember using this method the first time I attached the skirt and hating it about as much as I hated the method I used the second time around, if not more: stitching the stretched out to the max clear elastic on a sewing machine was such a pain! At least with the method I described above, I was able to feed the elastic through the guiding slot in the presser foot of the serger, which kept it in place much better.

Next time I’ll make sure to apply my usual method, the same you’d use on a woven (always using a contrasting thread for the gathering stitches in order to be able to take them out easily afterwards without messing up the serged seam), but with the addition of clear elastic, and serging the waist seam of course: much less painful, much better results…

Now to choose the fabric for my next Moneta! Or maybe I should make that black cardigan first…

16 thoughts on “Golondrina Moneta

  1. Altering the waistline was the right thing. Now you have a lovely Moneta dress. The neckline is cute and you will love wearing it now. I had to make the same alteration, it did look kind of sad.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      Yes, I think that’s an adjustment a lot of people have had to make! And yes it did look kind of sad, that’s exactly it! 😀 At least it’s something that’s easy to change, and once you modify your pattern you’re good to go for the next ones!

  2. Je t’exprime ma totale sympathie en ce qui concerne les tailles plus basses que la taille naturelle. Une taille trop basse provoque une dégradation de l’humeur pouvant aller jusqu’à mimer un syndrome prémenstruel, c’est scientifiquement prouvé.
    Je verrais bien ta robe avec un gilet gris moyen ou bleu mer froide/pétrole du genre de celui-ci : https://www.echappee-laine.fr/fr/fils-a-tricoter/330-laine-l-echappee-laine-shetland-fine.html#/703-couleur-petrole

    • HA, comme un syndrome prémenstruel, c’est ça, mais en pire! 😀
      Et merci pour la suggestion de couleur de gilet à assortir, je n’aurais jamais pensé à du bleu pétrole, quelle bonne idée! En plus j’ai ce qu’il faut dans mon stock de laine, si ça c’est pas de l’appel du pied du destin (oui bon, vu la taille de mon stock de laine, il a bon dos le destin)!

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  4. Beautiful, and it looks lovely on you! What brand is the fabric? I checked out the fabric store links, but couldn’t find it. Lots of other pretty fabrics there, though. 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂
      Unfortunately the fabric isn’t available at that store anymore. But I think you can still find some of the other colourways somewhere else online by googling the brand (Doelie Fabrics) and either “zwaluw”, “vogel” or “bird”…

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