Lady Grey

I took these pictures what feels like ages ago, one month and a half actually, right after finishing the dress. You can even see the crease of the folded fabric in the back picture right below: it was my first time wearing the dress and I hadn’t ironed it out yet. Then life happened and I did not feel like writing a blog post at all for a few weeks. But here I am now, glad to be back and to finally talk to you about that dress!

I had never tried a Named pattern before because they are not usually my style, but as soon as I saw the Lempi dress, the pattern had to be mine. I even already knew which fabric I would use. I also bought the Helmi dress on the same day, and then both patterns waited for a few months in my pattern stash. I have no idea why I decided to finally sew the Lempi last February, but I did.

I used the exact fabric I had in mind when I bought the pattern, an unidentified grey fabric I had lying in my stash for quite a long time (I’m pretty sure I bought it in the sale department of Les Tissus du Chien Vert). The buttons and Prym eyelets came from Veritas, the belt buckle from this Etsy shop.

The fabric has proved perfect for this pattern: fluid and heavy, it barely wrinkles even after a whole day of sitting yet it pressed beautifully when I was sewing the dress.

The pattern was also very nice to work with. Fit-wise I cut size 40 shoulders and the rest in 36. And I tried a broad back adjustment for the first time. Maybe I should have made a broad shoulder adjustment, too? Design-wise I just omitted the shoulder tabs. I should also have added (and could/should add) a belt loop at centre back to better keep the belt in place and stop the back fabric from pooling right under the belt.

What attracted me to this pattern was its very sober and strict style, which I played up to the caricature with this grey fabric. I knew I liked the finished dress, which I’ve been wearing a bit tongue-in-cheek, yet I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of compliments I’ve had about it! Oh and some people almost couldn’t believe I had made it myself, which is always nice. Apparently it looks very designer!

12 thoughts on “Lady Grey

  1. This really looks like a designer dress and the style suits you very well! I like the Named Patterns, but to be honest, I rather din‘t like the Lempi dress which reminded me of a communist uniform. Until now, because your‘s gives a totally other impression. The fabric, the neat finish and the omission of the shoulder tabs make a chic and modern dress!

  2. Ok, so I LOVE this dress! I was kinda surprised when I saw it on your Instagram because at first it didn’t look like your usual style, but that’s what I love about it – a slight departure from what one would expect to see from you but still suits you perfectly! And that part when people already know that you’re making your clothes but they still can’t believe that you made this particular dress – that’s the best compliment ever!
    Also, there’s something about this colour and silhouette combo that gives me socialistic and utilitarian vibe, which I think is very cool! Coming from former communist country I kinda have a soft spot for that style, we call it Yugo-nostalgia here 🙂

    • Yay, I’m so glad you like it! 🙂
      It’s funny how, for me, when I first saw the pattern, I thought of it as totally my style because of its vintage and demure look (I mean, I do love me a collar that is always buttoned up to the last button!). But I guess that that shape + that colour = quite a bit stricter than what people are used to seeing me wear!
      Oooooh, and I LOVE that concept of Yugo-nostalgia! 😀

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