Au revoir!

This is probably the last post here, at least for a while, maybe forever!

I’ve lost the desire to blog for a few months now and I’m not sure when or whether it’s going to come back. I wanted to wrap things up properly; what better occasion than a last year in review?

Once again, thanks to Instagram (where you’ll still be able to see what I’m up to, in case you ever miss me 😉 ), I’ve photographed everything I’ve made this year:

And once again, I’ve made more things than I would have thought: 32, which is not bad at all since I’ve really just sewn and knitted when I’ve felt like it!

Out of these 32 things, 5 are knitted, 1 is a little DIY necklace and the rest is sewn (half wovens, half knits).

Like last year (and the year before that, and the year before that, and…), most of my production consists of dresses, tops and cardigans. One thing that’s a first is that I finally made a swimsuit! I had cut another pattern out of the same fabric years ago, but had fell out of love with it, so I cut this new pattern out of the remnants and some of the pieces of the first swimsuit project, and goodbye UFO! This swimsuit is my favourite thing I’ve made this year!

As for the brands I’ve used, as usual it’s a little bit of everything, this year with a little bit more vintage: true vintage, vintage reproductions, vintage styles…

The biggest highlight for me outside of sewing/knitting in 2018 is without a doubt that I’ve just bought a house! It had been a completely unattainable dream of mine for years that suddenly became attainable thanks to a chain of events, and I couldn’t be more thankful for it. The house needs quite a bit of restoration work before Monsieur, the cats and I can move in, so in 2019 I’ll trade in my sewing tools for power tools!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading this blog, it’s been five fun years thanks to you! And bonne année 2019!

30 thoughts on “Au revoir!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      I do find it a little bit sad myself… I’m not entirely sure I won’t be coming back here someday, but for now this feels like the right thing to do.

  1. It’s selfish of me to be sad when you have so many wonderful things happening in your life, but I’ll miss your blogging. I don’t use Instagram, and as a reader/writer prefer the narrative format of blogs to other media, and your posts have always been a pleasure for me to read. Even when posts have been weeks or months apart, I’ve savored your stories in my feed. I hope that Instagram brings you the joy you used to feel when blogging, and warmest wishes for your new home, both digital and physical. 🙂

    • Oh no, it’s not selfish of you! And I do understand Instagram is not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s so much easier for me to publish there for the time being.
      Thank you so much for your kind words! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your house purchase! How exciting and good luck with your house renovations.
    I will miss reading your blog posts but understand about time constraints (I have renovated a few houses myself and it can be very hectic). I’ll check out your makes via IG but I don’t have an IG account myself.

  3. Great wrap-up. I’ve loved following your blog & will carry on following on Instgram. Huge congratulations on the house – and good luck with the DIY! Happy New Year x

  4. J’espère sincèrement que tu reviendras ici un jour, mais je peux tout à fait comprendre que tu aies envie d’arrêter un moment. Tu posteras des photos de la maison et des travaux sur Instagram ? (ainsi que tes réalisations, évidemment !)

    • Oh merci, c’est gentil de ta part!
      Et oui, je posterai sûrement des photos de la maison et des travaux sur IG, c’est cool si ça n’intéresse pas que moi! 😀 Et de mes réalisations, oui, car je pense quand même pouvoir encore trouver le temps de coudre et tricoter! 🙂

  5. How exciting that you could buy a house, no more melting in the summers to come!
    You have made quite a lot of lovely garments and I am happy you will keep us informed at instagram. Maybe after moving and settling in the house you will enjoy writing more in this space here again. Have a happy, happy new year!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 Also, how nice of you to remember about my melting in the summer! That’s one of the many things I won’t be missing! 😀
      And you’re right, it might become fun again to blog in a new scenery!

  6. Comme c’est triste pour nous ! Mais c’est aussi plein de bonnes nouvelles pour toi et Monsieur 🙂
    Tes articles vont me manquer, j’aime beaucoup ton style (d’écriture et vestimentaire), et j’apprends toujours quelque chose en lisant tes articles. Je continuerai à te suivre sur IG, en espérant que cet algorithme diabolique ne me fasse pas passer à côté de tes publications…
    Et si jamais tu as des regrets on sera nombreuses à te retrouver avec plaisir ici !

    • Oh merci, comme tout ce que tu m’écris est gentil! Ah, ne me parle pas de cet algorithme! C’était mieux avant, snif! Qui sait, peut-être qu’à force d’innovations à la con, IG va finir par nous faire regretter les blogs et qu’on va tous y revenir… En tout cas je garde toujours le mien au chaud au cas où! 😀

  7. Happy New Year and congratulations on your new home, that is SO exciting!!! Looking forward seeing home reno post on your Instagram!
    And regarding the news about your blog, I’m sad to hear that but I understand you completely – in comparison with how easy and fast Instagram is, writing blog posts becomes more of a chore than fun. 😦 But I do love coming back to your blog so I hope one day you’ll return to writing blog posts, if and when it feels right!

    • Ha! I now have two people interested in home reno posts on IG, I will feel so validated when posting those! 😀
      As for coming back here, really, who knows? I definitely need a break, but I’m not definite I won’t ever come back! 🙂

      • Yes, you should definitely post those!!! Last year I got hooked on Grand Designs and I was watching it whole winter and spring – it was my go to background for knitting! To renovate a home for you to live in must be a dream come true, I’m really happy for you and looking forward following the progress on IG 😊

  8. Aww sad to see you leave here as I’ve always loved your posts, but completely understand your reasons why. Great news about the house though, that’s so exciting. Perhaps you’ll feel compelled to start a house renovation blog, “Tassadit Renovates” hehe. I’ve barely touched my sewing machine in the last year since buying my house as renovating has sucked up all my energy and time. Power drills and big hammers are fun though!

    P.S. Love all your cherry print items and that pink knitted cardigan!

  9. Comme je te comprends ! C’est beaucoup de travail de maintenir un blog, et je pense que c’est un travail qui parait de plus en plus ingrat au fur et à mesure des années maintenant que toutes les interactions se font via Instagram. Dur de se motiver à écrire un long post quand on peut donner quasi autant d’informations de manière informelle en un claquement de doigt sur IG, et répondre aux questions dans la foulée… Mais j’ai adoré lire ton blog pendant ces cinq années, et j’espère bien suivre tes aventures de rénovation, je sens que ta maison va avoir un charme de dingue 😀

    • Voilà, comme tu dis, c’est beaucoup de travail, de plus en plus ingrat! J’avais beau me dire que j’écrivais ce blog avant tout pour moi, c’était devenu de moins en moins gratifiant de consacrer des heures à un article pour qu’il ne soit lu que par une poignées de (pourtant adorables) lectrices, tout le contraire des quelques minutes passées à publier un post IG…
      En tout cas encore merci d’avoir fait partie de ces lectrices, et on se retrouve sur IG pour de nouvelles aventures couture, tricot et rénovation! 😀

  10. Ce blog va me manquer, c’était un petit univers qui ressemblait à tes coutures. Pour ma part, je ne suis pas attirée par Instagram : souvent je me demande comment un vêtement est fait, et je n’y trouve que très peu d’infos et de photos de détail. Mais je comprends tout à fait l’argument du temps passé, les journées sont tellement courtes (moi je n’arrive même plus à coudre), et avec un beau projet comme ça, il faut savoir économiser son énergie ! Bonne continuation !

    • Ah je te comprends pour Instagram… Même si je m’y plais beaucoup, il y a des choses qui seront toujours mieux sur les blogs!
      Merci pour ton gentil message! 🙂

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