Blue Stone Sweater

BlueStone1Man, do I love this shade of blue! I already own a cardigan in more or less the same colourway, but I couldn’t resist knitting this one. I also think it goes quite nicely with the black collar and buttons. I have been told many times that black and blue don’t belong together, but different strokes for different folks.

BlueStone2This sweater was a very fast knit (yay short sleeves, yay stockinette!)… until I reached the collar. As you can see in my ravelry notes, everything but the collar took me two weeks to knit, and then I spent two more weeks on this ridiculously small collar! I find knitting ribs a little tedious and so slow in comparison to stockinette, plus the weather suddenly got warmer and, contrary to the yarn used for the body of the sweater, which is made of summer appropriate fibers (cotton, linen and tencel), the one used for the collar is a wool/acrylic blend, which was a real pain to knit in the heat. So I only knit a few rows here and there and even put my work aside for a few days.

BlueStone3One month to knit a sweater, even a short-sleeved one, is not too bad, though. And I love the result! It’s really my style with the empire waist gathers and the cute collar and buttons. However, if I must be completely honest, I’ll admit I don’t know what to wear it with. I think it would look nice either with jeans, black slim pants, black shorts or a black skirt, none of which I own! Okay, I do own one pair of jeans but they really don’t fit me well… Now you’re probably wondering what I’m wearing in the pictures. I don’t know if I should really tell you, but those are, ahem, jersey harem pants from my belly dancing days! 😀 They were all I had that looked nice in the pictures, I swear!

Now I should sew myself a few of those basic black pieces I miss, but although I have no problem sewing basics, I don’t think there’s any black fabric in my stash. I never think to buy that kind of fabric because I’m always distracted by prints and colours when I’m at the store. I really should go with a few basics in mind for a change.

BlueStone4Well, back to my new sweater! I’ve already told you about the pattern and the yarn in my WIP post. The pattern was fairly easy (though I still hate seaming up knits with all my heart) and the main yarn was really nice to work with and it also seems nice to wear. If this had been my first time using the yarn of the collar, I don’t think I’d recommend it, but I’ve already knit a cardigan for my boyfriend with the same yarn and it was really pleasant to knit and went through many a machine wash without a hitch, so I’m thinking it was the heat (i.e. my sweaty hands – TMI?) and not the yarn itself that was the source of my problems (the collar began to pill a little while I was sewing it on).

BlueStone5The pattern asks for five buttons, but I only added three because that’s all I had in stock (taken from this dress!). And as a matter of fact I prefer it that way, so that was fate! The sleeves and bottom hem are finished with single crochet, which stops the edges from curling. I was really expecting the collar not to stay in place and having to tack its ends to the sweater, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it roll nicely around the neckline by itself.

Except for the fact that I don’t have anything to wear with it (yet!), this sweater is a success in my book! Plus it actually gives me an excuse to go and buy some fabric, so what’s not to love? 😀

WIP: Short-Sleeved Sweater

EnCoursIt never takes me a long time to begin a new knitting project after I complete one! Thinking of the next project is usually what motivates me to finish the last one, especially when it has been dragging on for too long like my last sweater. This time I finished my sweater on Thursday and casted on the next one (after its gauge swatch, I’m a cautious knitter!) on Friday.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to knit a lot this weekend due to the ginormous pile of exams I had to correct, but I did find some time to devote to knitting during my breaks and in the evening. I actually finished the 100 rows of stockinette at the beginning of the back (note that I was at row 60 when I took the above picture). Here’s hoping I keep the same rhythm and finish this sweater faster than the last one!

I know some people find stockinette boring as hell, but I personally LOVE it! I find it so relaxing and you don’t need too much concentration so you can have a conversation or watch TV without missing anything.

The pattern is from an old(ish) issue of Phildar. As far as the yarn is concerned, the one recommended by the pattern for the main part of the sweater (Phil Milk) has been discontinued for a long time, so I’m using Muse (also by Phildar) instead. For the black collar I’m using Phildar’s Lambswool.

As you can see I’m linking to Ravelry! I’ve had an account since 2010 (!) but I’ve never done anything with it except to download patterns and the like. Yesterday I finally took the time to upload a few past projects and begin to try and understand how everything works. I’m tassaditknits by the way if you want to be my friend. 🙂