Made With Love

bb1You know me by now, I’m a terribly selfish sewer/knitter. I have to be really close to someone to even think about sewing/knitting them something. And the worst part is, I don’t even feel bad about it! Sewing is my hobby, not my job, and I want it to stay fun… Not that sewing for other people can’t be fun; it’s just not my personal preference, and sewing for myself also puts way less pressure on my shoulders!

bb3But I do appreciate the occasional selfless sewing project, especially when it’s something I wouldn’t sew for myself. Sewing for my boyfriend (blog post about the jacket I made him in March still to come, ahem!) gave me the occasion to have a stab at menswear, which I enjoyed a lot, and sewing this little outfit for my goddaughter, my first time sewing baby clothes, was very rewarding, too!

She turned one in October and I could not not sew her anything! I browsed my Burdas to find something I could see her wearing, and this baby collection caught my eye right away: such cute patterns! I liked the idea of sewing a whole little outfit, so I chose the quilted jacket, the blouse with ruffle collar and the stretch trousers to go with them.

bb4Fabric wise, I went digging through my stash. I own a few cotton pieces I impulse bought at Veritas that are too small to use for adult garments (except maybe a fitted blouse), but so cute I could never bear to part with them. This cherry one was a favourite and I knew it would look so cute on my goddaughter, so that was an easy choice. After that I looked for matching pieces in my stash: a red cotton jersey for the outer layer of the jacket and a blue one (the same I used for this Ondée) for the leggings. I just bought the batting, bias binding (polka dotted because I know my goddaughter is not afraid of print matching!) and buttons (glittery ones for the jacket and plastic snaps for the blouse).

I only had two 75 cm x 100 cm pieces of the cherry cotton and I wasn’t sure it would be enough for the blouse and the jacket lining, but it was, literally to the half centimetre! I sighed in relief when all the pieces were cut! Same with the red cotton jersey, but this time literally to the millimetre, phew!

bb5Burda advises you to cut the pattern pieces before quilting the outer layer, adding 3 cm seam allowances, then re-cutting these seam allowances to 1,5 cm after quilting. I quilted the whole piece of fabric (“basting” batting and outer fabric with spray adhesive and using masking tape to get even lines), then cut the pieces.

Other than quilting the outer fabric, which was looooooong (but not difficult at all), the jacket was a breeze to make! The instructions were perfectly clear, and I don’t know why, but I found it quite fun handling such tiny pieces!

bb6The blouse was also lots of fun to make. I only deviated from the instructions for the hem of the collar ruffle: they have you turn it once, zigzag stitch then cut the excess fabric. I preferred turning the hem twice and using a straight stitch to make a baby hem, which I think gives a much cleaner result.

The trousers were less fun to make (just boring in comparison with the cute jacket and blouse), but they took about an hour from start to finish, so no complaining on my part. I used my serger to assemble the pieces and a zigzag stitch for the waistband casing and the hems.

bb2I finished the whole outfit way past my goddaughter’s birthday (but way before the next one so I’ll count that as a win 😉 ) and could only give it to her mother (who seemed to love it, yeah!) very recently, so I don’t know yet whether it fits her* (I made a size 80), but in any case I’m really happy with the look of the outfit. And I truly liked sewing for her, so this is definitely not the last time I do!

*EDIT: It does! 🙂





19 thoughts on “Made With Love

    • Merci! 🙂
      Franchement, lance-toi, elle est vraiment agréable à coudre (si l’on excepte les longues lignes de matelassage, zzzzzzzz…) et je trouve le résultat très gratifiant!

  1. Very adorable! Hopefully her parents get a lot of pictures of her in it! I had some very cute outfits made for me as a child, and I love looking at pictures of me wearing those clothes since I can’t wear them anymore!

    I especially like the quilted jacket! I will have to keep the pattern in mind when friends/family start having children!

    • Thank you! 🙂 That’s exactly what her mother told me when she discovered the outfit: that she was going to take lots of pictures of her in it!
      And I can only highly recommend you keep this jacket pattern in mind! 🙂

  2. This is simply gorgeous! I’m not a very good unselfish sewist either, but I always kick myself when I do make something. It’s actually super quick to sew a dress for a little girl. Short seams and little to no fitting. Win!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      Well, the jacket was not that fast to sew because of the quilting, but other than that sewing for babies is indeed super quick, and you’re so right about the (no) fitting part, way less pressure than for grown ups!

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    • Thank you! 🙂
      I’m guessing you bought the PDF version? I used the magazine version so the instructions were easy to find… They should also be easy to find in the PDF version though, so if I were you I’d email someone at BurdaStyle to make sure they didn’t omit the instructions in your version by mistake!
      I’d offer to send you a picture of my instructions, but they are in French, so I don’t know if that would be any help? Don’t hesitate if you need them or anything else, and if not, good luck on the hunt for the missing instructions! 😉

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