Oops!Thank you, Burda, for not including  any seam allowances on your patterns.

Thank you, a year ago me, for not adding said seam allowances on your traced pattern and not making a note of it.

Thank you, present day me, for assuming you already used to add the seam allowances on your traced patterns a year ago and for not double checking just in case.

So, I spent a few hours this weekend cutting the fabric for my next project, which was supposed to be a casual black gabardine version of this skirt. And, as I guess you’ve understood by now, I forgot to add the seam allowances… I’ve been adding them directly onto my traced patterns for a while now (or so I thought!), which is why I didn’t think twice and cut out everything without even checking. Only when I began interfacing the waistband did I notice it looked strangely small. Oops!

On the bright side, at least I realised my mistake before sewing the whole thing together! And the materials (only 1m of gabardine and less than 1m of lining) were pretty inexpensive, so I could throw them in the trash without too many tears! 😀