A Favourite Cosy Outfit

cosy1Ah, Cardamome! Ah, Armande! I intended to blog about them separately because each deserves its own blog post, but I was wearing them both on a day I came home from work when it was still (sort of) daylight, so I jumped on the occasion to take some pictures, and a shared post will have to do.

cosy3The Cardamome dress is yet another Deer&Doe pattern (yes, I do intend on sewing them all ultimately!). It was my favourite one from the A/W 2015 collection and I immediately knew I wanted to make it in this starry cotton lawn I had in my stash. It took me a little bit more than a year to get to it, but I didn’t change my mind in the meantime. I also knew I wanted to highlight the curve of the bib with some piping of the same colour as the stars, which are not white but off-white/ecru. It turns out off-white piping is not that easy to find! I resorted to buying some extremely pale yellow piping and tea-dyeing it. It did not make it a perfect match, but quite close, and the difference is virtually unnoticeable when you look at the finished dress.

cosy4I think I’ve said before that I had recently realised that a lot of my clothes could benefit from either going up one or two sizes at the shoulders or making a wide shoulder adjustment. On this dress I tried simply cutting a size 40 at the shoulders blending to a 36 armhole-bust-waist-hips. I didn’t change the height of the shoulders, only the width, so I kept the 36 sleeves. They fit, so I guess this must have been the right choice. I didn’t bother cutting a larger size at the hips because the skirt seemed wide enough. The skirt is indeed wide enough, but barely. Close call there!

cosy5I didn’t make buttonholes for the buttons (vintage, from a yard sale last August) but used sew-on snaps on the front placket and simply sewed the buttons through all layers at the cuffs, thinking I’d add snaps later if it bothered me not to be able to open these. It has never bothered me.

This dress features my first collar on a stand and my first sleeve placket, and both went swimmingly thanks to the instructions for the sleeve placket and this well-known tutorial for the collar.

cosy10Note that I always wear the collar closed because I am a dork and I love it that way! When I see pictures of about everyone wearing it at least partially open, I do realise that I am kind of alone on this one, but this won’t stop me from wearing it closed all. the. time. In the same vein, why do some people want to get rid of the smocking at the waist? It’s one of the cutest details of the pattern, you guys! Plus, so comfortable!

cosy6Now about the cardigan. It’s Andi Satterlund’s Armande, a free pattern if you can believe it! Once again perfectly thought out (the seamless pocket method alone makes it worth your while!), this pattern was a pretty quick and definitely enjoyable knit. Especially in Drops Nepal, one of my favourite yarns, in this gorgeous blue (denim blue – uni colour 6314).

cosy7When I bought the yarn (more than two years ago according to Ravelry), I had this sweater in mind, but I thought I would make the smallest size as usual with Andi’s patterns, so I only bought 11 skeins. But when I started on the project, I realised that I wouldn’t want as much negative ease for this pattern as for my usual cropped sweaters, so I went up a size. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, but 11 skeins were definitely not enough unless I intended to wear my sweater with half a sleeve missing. Lucky for me Saki, who had knit a cardigan with the same yarn, was nice enough to pass on to me her remaining skeins. And double lucky for me, they were from the same dye lot since she had bought them at about the same time in the same shop!

cosy8So after a very short pause I could get back to knitting what was to become one of my favourite cardigans. It goes with much more of my wardrobe than I would have thought, and I simply love its colour, its buttons (from Tissus Passion), its shape, its collar, everything! Like most of my cardigans I very rarely wear it closed, but it does look nice both open and closed.

cosy9I wouldn’t have thought when making this cardigan and this dress that I would like them together so much, but I really do! They’re also the perfect outfit to keep you warm when you’re sick like I am at the moment: the high neckline of the dress protects the chest from drafts and the cardigan is just the right warmth. A thermal cami, two pairs of tights, socks and boots complete what I think is an elegant yet cosy get-up.








23 thoughts on “A Favourite Cosy Outfit

  1. Beautiful dress and beautiful cardigan! I’m happy you were able to get your paws on the extra yarn!

    I have to say, you know when you’ve been reading someone’s blog for a bit and you eventually feel like you’re at least a real life acquaintance? Reading through your blog today, I saw you mention my name (Saki, which is uncommon outside of Japan) and I had to do a double take to realize you weren’t talking about me 😂

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your makes with us!

  2. Love it!! I’ve recently been plugging away at the Armande sweater myself! Unfortunately, I’m a bit of a slow knitter, so it will be a while before I’m finished. Glad to hear you enjoy it so much 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 I hope you’ll like and wear your Armande as much as I like and wear mine! And truth be told, I’m quite a slow knitter myself! It doesn’t look that way because I spend a lot of time knitting, but I do knit pretty slowly!

  3. Lovely dress! I am with you on the collar! I absolutely love high necklines, I think they are so beautiful! I get a little bit upset when I see people with beautiful peter pan collars that are open!
    Love the whole outfit, it does look very cozy. And the colour of the cardigan looks beautiful with the dress.

  4. What a perfect winter outfit! I love the look of the high neckline on you and I it must really help keep the warmth in. Nothing worse than bundling up but then losing all that heat through an open neckline! ❄️

  5. Such a cute and cosy outfit. I love winter dressing! Boooo to feeling sick though, hope you get better soon. I have the cold at the moment so can sympathise. It does give me an excuse to watch Christmas films and knit though!

    • Thank you! 🙂
      Feeling MUCH better already! I usually don’t get sick for more than four, five days tops, so after more than a week I was starting to feel like I’d been sick forever/would be sick forever! But you’re right, it was a great excuse to knit! 😉
      Get well soon!

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  8. Superbe ensemble! Moi qui cherchais un gilet pour aller ma Cardamone, je vais peut-être me lancer tenter par ce patron d’Andi S. Il n’a pas l’air trop moulant, donc cela devrait me plaire.
    Je te rassure : tu n’es pas la seule à aimer porter les cols fermés, moi aussi! Ce qui est rigolo, c’est que lorsque j’avais écrit mon article sur cette robe, je m’étais fait la même remarque que toi, ce col est tellement plus mignon quand il est fermé.

    • Merci beaucoup! Je ne peux que te conseiller le gilet Armande! J’ai vraiment adoré le tricoter et j’adore tout autant le porter. Et effectivement, il est moins près du corps que beaucoup des autres modèles d’Andi Satterlund.
      Héhéhé, c’est rigolo pour le col, je viens d’aller lire ton article et effectivement, nous sommes du même avis en la matière! 🙂 Au passage, je suis très impressionnée du résultat que tu as obtenu avec du jersey, c’est bluffant!

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