Out of Season

GrisRoseHey, I finished my Summer sweater! In November, how timely!

I actually finished it two weeks ago, but I really didn’t feel like taking any pictures, what with the lack of time and daylight. I finally took the time to take some pictures yesterday, only to realise afterwards that I had completely forgotten to iron the peplum. Ah well, there’s no way I’m taking the pictures all over again, so you’ll have to forgive me for the wrinkled peplum and its curling up hem.

GrisRose2The pattern is from Phildar magazine #86 (sweater #29). I mostly followed the instructions, the only tiny changes I made were to knit a longer peplum (13 cm instead of 12, how daring of me!) and to pick up stitches for the collar instead of knitting it apart and then sewing it stitch by stitch as per Phildar instructions.

I used the recommended yarn, Phil Coton 3, in Mercure and Rosée.

GrisRose3It was a really easy knit, but it made me fully realise that, while I usually love the result, I actually hate knitting colourwork. I find it so tedious with the bobbins and the tension, argh! I’m not saying this is my last colourwork project, because there are some cute patterns out there, but for my next projects I’d better concentrate on something else (ah, lace… ah, cables…).

GrisRose4It was really hard sticking to that project once fall had arrived and made me long for cosier knits, but I’m glad I have that no UFO rule because it forced me to complete it instead of putting it away and most probably never being motivated enough to get back to it and finish it. And, even though it’s clearly not the most useful garment for November, I have to say I find it pretty cute. But how could a knit featuring both a peter pan collar and a peplum not be cute? I like the colours, too, and the trompe-l’œil strapless bodice of course. I’m pretty sure I won’t be having any trouble wearing it come the warmer weather.

GrisRose5PS: I have of course already started another knitting project, a wintery one this time.

25 thoughts on “Out of Season

  1. It looks so cute! Congratulations on finishing it even if it’s out of season! 🙂 I started knitting recently and, boldly enough, I’m now working on a lacy cardigan. Hope I get to the finish line also! 🙂

  2. It’s really cute, I really love the faux peter pan collar. And congratulations on your no UFO rule. I’ve been dragging the same cardigan for more than 6 months now, and I must admit that I knitted other stuff in between…

    • Thank you! I have that no UFO rule because otherwise I have a tendency to be lured in by shiny new projects and never finishing any. So if you managed to knit (and finish!) other stuff in between, I guess you don’t have the need for such a rule…

  3. Very, very cute! I haven’t tried colour work before and I must say it sounds complicated? Bobbins and tension? Isn’t that sewing? I can’t wait to see your winter sweater, it looks lovely.

    • It’s not complicated (at least not with such a simple pattern), it’s just a little fiddly because you have more than one yarn ball to manage and you have to be careful with the tension when you change colours, that’s all.
      As for my winter sweater, I’m taking a small break from it after having to unravel the lace part for the, let me count, sixth time. So for now it’s sitting in the corner thinking about what it’s done! 😀

  4. Aaaaah!!!! Je suis contente de voir que tu n’as pas attendu le printemps pour nous présenter ton petit pull!! Je le trouve si mignon!! Il rend bien et te va à la perfection!!!
    Je ne comprends toujours pas le choix de couleurs que Phiphi a fait pour le modèle original!!! Y’a pas à tergiverser ton mélange rose pale/gris perle c’est 1000 fois plus joli!! Et en effet ça donne l’impression que tu portes un bustier! 🙂
    Bon en tous cas j’espère que tu es venue à bout de la partie dentelle de ton nouveau projet!!
    A bientôt!!!! 😀

    • Hahaha (rire jaune), la partie dentelle de mon nouveau projet, rions un peu: cette fois-ci je suis parvenue sans encombre à la fin, je me suis dit youpie c’est la fête et puis j’ai réussi à me planter au rang d’APRÈS la dentelle! 😀 Mais bon, je suis restée zen, j’ai re-re-re-re-re-re-redétricoté, mis ce projet de côté et entamé un autre projet, comment dire, légèrement plus simple! Tellement simple d’ailleurs que je suis en train d’y apporter la touche finale! 🙂 Après ça je reprend la dentelle de la mort.

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