Jolie Mimi

Mimi2Out of my backlog of garments to be blogged, this blouse is a definite favourite! Before I forget, sorry about the print, you can’t make out any details in the pictures because of it… But I promise, the cute collar is there and so are the lovely sleeve pleats!

Mimi4The pattern is Tilly’s Mimi Blouse, which I had been meaning to sew ever since I first saw it. I even had the perfect fabric in mind, a gorgeous vintage pink rayon, but it was too precious to risk ruining it with an ill-fitting pattern, so I decided to make a test version in a less special fabric first.

Mimi5Not that I don’t like the fabric I used, a very soft cotton, light but not too stiff: it’s actually pretty perfect for this blouse and I still love tiny flower prints and could wear some every day; it’s just less unique and irreplaceable than the vintage rayon. Even as a test, unless it was a muslin destined to be ripped apart (yeah, like I ever make those…), I wouldn’t waste my sewing time and energy with a fabric I didn’t truly like and want to wear.

Mimi6I was especially wary of the size I chose to make: I was in-between sizes, and looking at the finished garment measurements, I felt it would be best to go down a size to avoid feeling swamped by a too-large blouse, but I also feared the smaller size I cut would be too restrictive. But it isn’t! And I really like the closer fit. I like this blouse so much, as a matter of fact, that I don’t even want to sew the “final” rayon version anymore, at least not for now; this version feels like the final one…

Mimi7All the seams are French seams, and the facing and sleeve hem edges are finished with a narrow bias tape. I like pretty insides so much! And since this was supposed to be a test version, I wanted to be able to give it away in case it didn’t fit without being ashamed of subpar finishing techniques.

Mimi1Luckily, the test was conclusive, so the pretty insides are for me! I’ve been loving wearing this blouse with my red Chardon and navy Hetty every time the weather has allowed it. I took a picture of the blouse untucked for documentary purposes, but I don’t think I’ll ever wear it that way, at least not with that kind of high-waisted skirt. I might wear it untucked with trousers or shorts though, if I had any… What the heck is still keeping me from sewing myself some trousers, that is the question!


28 thoughts on “Jolie Mimi

  1. Chouette version, bravo ! J’ai eu les mêmes hésitations que toi pour la taille, et fait le même choix avec le même résultat.

  2. C’est trés jolie! J’aime beaucoup 🙂 And I know what you mean about having fabric “too precious” for a first go around… or in my case even a second go! [Pardon the franglais… my professors would be very disappointed at how much french I’ve lost over the years 😦 ]

  3. Oh man, this fabric is WONDERFUL. I love how saturated the colors are. And your choice of red buttons is perfect! How lucky that this ended up being the final garment instead of a muslin!

    I’ve been meaning to make this pattern since I bought the book right after it was released, but it keeps getting pushed back. Think I might be pushing it forward into the queue soon!

  4. This is such a pretty blouse. I love the contrast buttons and pretty insides – definitely worth the extra effort. It’s making me want to make a mimi blouse now!

    I pretty much love everything you make. If I wasn’t such a nice person I’d threaten to raid your wardrobe 😉

  5. J’adore ce haut aussi ! C’est LE patron qui m’a fait acheter le bouquin. Maintenant j’attends d’être stabilisée à la bonne taille.
    En tout cas, j’adore le combo haut imprimé foncé + chardon rouge, tout te va divinement bien !

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