Me-Made-May ’13 – Week Four

Four weeks down! I’m surprised it hasn’t become that difficult yet to find something to wear in the morning (or in the evening, as that’s usually when I choose my outfit for the following day), but I have to say I have no idea what I’ll be wearing next, especially hat-wise! Oh, and I CAN’T STAND taking my picture every day anymore!

DAY 20


May 20 was another holiday (there are so many holidays in May!), so I didn’t have to go out and brave the rain even for a second. I chose to wear my twenties cardigan (already worn on Day 11) with my sad and only pair of jeans (which I didn’t make – I only shortened them). I know they don’t look awful in the picture, but the fit is actually very bad: they fit ok at the legs and hips, but they gape like crazy at the waist, so every time I bend over I have to tug them up afterwards, and I also can’t wear anything that doesn’t hide the waistband. That’s always the case with store-bought trousers, which is why sewing myself a pair is on my list (but fitting pants looks so hard!). So, this was definitely not the prettiest outfit, but it was comfortable for staying at home.

DAY 21


I wore a me-made skirt and cardigan, to stay at home during the day, then to go to shoe making class. I had already worn the skirt on Day 2 (wow, I only wore it once? I was so sure I would be wearing it much more often!), but I hadn’t worn this cardigan yet. Like ever. Even after making it smaller, it is still a bit looser than what I had in mind, and I also didn’t really know how to match its loud colour (which I love, but it doesn’t pair well with a lot of other colours). I decided to try and wear it at least once, thinking seeing it on an outfit picture would also help me figure out whether I should keep it or donate it. Aaaand… I’m keeping it! It’s just a touch too big, and I’m sure I’m the only one to see it , and I love it’s colour too much to get rid of it.

DAY 22


Hahaha, look at my face! That’s the face of someone who didn’t eat in more than seven hours because she decided to run a few errands on the way home instead of going home directly to have lunch and then running those errands!

On Day 22 I wore the same me-made skirt as on Day 10. It was quite comfortable despite its lack of a lining, and I love the white polka dots on a blue background with the golden yellow of the T-shirt and cardigan.

DAY 23


The skirt, cardigan and hat are me-made. The skirt I wore on Day 3 and Day 12, but it was my first time (this month) wearing the cardigan. I think they pair so well together, and I also thought the hat went nicely with the outfit.


But I also thought this particular hat made more sense with the rest of the outfit, so I snapped a picture before going out (and this reminds me: I wore my me-made jacket and shawl every day of the week, and the bag some days, too). On that day I met with some friends who I was sure were going to tease me about wearing a leopard-printed hat with a big bow, and I was pleasantly surprised when they actually complimented me on it instead. Oh, and the vintage umbrella was found in the dumpster by my mother: I fixed it and it’s almost as good as new!

DAY 24


It only took me 24 days to go out in jeans, I really don’t wear trousers often! But I felt really comfortable in this outfit. The sweater is me-made; I knit it two years ago. It was the first garment I successfully knit, so it has a few imperfections, but I LOVE it and you wouldn’t believe how many compliments it gets every time I wear it. It’s this Phildar pattern from 2011.

DAY 25


The cardigan is me-made, of course (see Day 21), as is the skirt (also worn on Day 17 and Day 19), which I have trouble not wearing every day as it is so versatile! It’s not as flattering with a cardigan that covers the waist, so I decided to belt said cardigan in order to still highlight the waist a little bit. Not my favourite outfit, but I think it looked ok anyway.

DAY 26


A touch overdressed to go to brunch at a friend’s place, then to a yard-sale, but I loved this outfit. You’ve already seen the dress on Day 1 and Day 15, and the cardigan on Day 11 and Day 20, and to me they are a match made in heaven!

I can’t believe it’s already been 26 days! Only five more days to go!

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