Camper Tee

Camper1Pretty close, huh?

This isn’t my first project of 2014, but my last project of 2013, which I finished ten days ago, but couldn’t find the time to photograph in between holiday activities. You may have seen the sneak peek I posted at the end of the picture overview of my projects of 2013.

CamperFabricThe fabric is this adorable cotton jersey knit with a retro VW Camper print from de Stoffenkamer (not available anymore, I’m afraid). It was quite nice to work with in that the edges didn’t tend to curl and it was pretty stable, yet I almost lost my mind when cutting because the print was a smidge off grain, which made it impossible to both place the pattern pieces on grain and keep the campers horizontal. I chose to keep the campers horizontal because it really jumped out at me otherwise, yet I was afraid it would cause the tee to hang funny. But it’s actually subtle enough that it looks totally okay, phew!

Camper2With everything going on, I didn’t even try matching the pattern at the side seams of course, but I don’t think it’s obvious at all on the finished tee.

The pattern is Sewaholic’s Renfrew, which I cut in a size 4, one size smaller than my measurements, because I wanted it to be closer fitting, and I’m really happy with the fit. I omitted the hem band (stitched the hem with a double needle) and I cut my own neck and sleeve bands, in off-white cotton ribbing. The sleeve bands provided in the pattern were too wide for my taste, and the neck band seemed so hugely long I don’t know that it would have sat properly.

Camper3Other than that I made no modifications, that’s the joy of working with knits! Also, this was my first time using my new serger and I must say, even though it’s definitely not indispensable to sew knits, it still makes for a much cleaner finish.Camper4In any case, I can see myself wearing this tee a lot as I think it will look very cute tucked in my Hollyburn, Beignet and Chardon skirts. And I’m pretty sure that this is won’t be my last time using the Renfrew pattern!

29 thoughts on “Camper Tee

    • It’s no longer available where I bought it, and a quick internet search couldn’t locate any, but I don’t know that it’s not available anywhere anymore, or that it won’t be in the future… The brand is Stenzo, if that helps.

  1. I’m planning to buy the Renfrew as my first 2014 pattern as I have seen so many great versions. I’m now confident with knits but I need to sort my overlocker / serger out as I can’t get the tension good on the 4 threads.

    • I hope you can sort out the tension! And I can only encourage you to buy the Renfrew pattern (though you might have to beware of the neck band, that seemed much too long to me).

      • I think I will send it off for a service. It took me a long time to locate ball point needles for it and now I have them it will make knits so quick. When I made my first tee -shirt there was a formula for the length of the neck band, something like 15% shorter than opening and I find that works fine.

  2. Très joli, le T-shirt tombe super bien, je n’aurais rien remarqué au niveau de la découpe si tu n’avais rien dit!!! Je vais aller voir ce patron de suite…
    PS: ton atelier a l’air très sympa aussi de ce que je peux en voir

  3. j’adore!!! super tissus, et pour la coupe on dirait du petit bateau mais avec un funky motif :)) franchement super et je le vois très bien avec les jupes tailles hautes…. très belle année à toi!!

  4. This print is super adorable and the colour is so nice and summery (we’re currently experiencing a cold front at -18C!) it makes me think of road trips to the beach. I tried the Renfrew pattern over a year ago and it did not work on me but I think a lot of it had to do with my fabric choice. Your tee is making me give this pattern another try.

  5. De Stoffenkamer, un magasin plein de magnifiques tissus ! (j’y ai été hier)
    Une de mes résolutions pour 2014 pourrait être d’apprendre à coudre du jersey, mais j’aurais vraiment besoin de conseils.

    • Pour De Stoffenkamer, je n’ai jamais été sur place, leur site internet est déjà bien assez pousse-au-crime!
      N’aie pas peur de te lancer dans la couture du jersey: je ne sais pas qui est responsable de la légende selon laquelle c’est difficile mais c’est COMPLÈTEMENT FAUX! Bien sûr, certains jerseys très fins, fluides et élastiques sont plus difficiles, mais c’est le cas aussi de certains tissés plus difficiles que d’autres et on n’en conclut pas que tous les tissés sont difficiles à coudre!
      Donc, si tu choisis un jersey relativement épais et stable et que tu utilises ta nouvelle surjeteuse, il ne devrait pas y avoir le moindre problème!
      Mais n’hésite pas une seconde si tu as des questions!

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