MMM ’14 – Week Three

More than half the month is over, and I’m still having fun putting outfits together! I could do without the pictures of course, but even that I find less of a hassle than last year because I’m a little better organized.

DAY 12 (Monday)

Day12A comfortable outfit for a very long Monday. I love how there are some tiny flowers on the dress that are the same colour as the sweater. What else can I say that I haven’t said already? It’s the second appearance of the dress this May, and already the third of the sweater and they’ll probably both come out again before long.

DAY 13 (Tuesday)

Day13.1I love that outfit. Yes, it’s a pretty positive me-made week! 😀 It seems like Deer & Doe’s Sureau and Andi Satterlund’s cropped sweaters and cardigans are a match made in heaven: my favourite outfit from last week was another Sureau and Andi’s Miette cardigan (Day 6). The dress, sweater and shoes are me-made. Still the greatest feeling on earth spending your day in me-made shoes!

Day13.2I took a second picture coming back from work because I was wearing the usual me-made jacket and shawl just like every day, but also my fingerless mittens. Not that you can see them very precisely in that picture of course, but I love them and I always carry them in my bag just in case it gets chilly as on that day.

DAY 14 (Wednesday)

Day14A combination of skirt, blouse and cardigan I wear very often. I really don’t know what more to say except that I should make another Hollyburn, another Miette and another Sencha because I really love those patterns. The only thing I don’t like about that outfit is the fact that both the blouse and cardigan have synthetic in them. It’s not that much of a problem for the cardigan because it’s a blend and I never wear it too close to my skin, but the blouse is clearly 100 % synthetic and although the fabric is really pretty and it almost never wrinkles, it’s also not breathable at all and it smells much faster that any piece of clothing I’ve ever owned, which is not ideal when you bike everywhere!

DAY 15 (Thursday)

Day15Now that’s a combination I had never thought to make, but I suddenly realised there were flowers on the fabric of the dress that were reminiscent of the colour of that cardigan, so the outfit went from there. This is the kind of surprises I love in Me-Made-May!

DAY 16 (Friday)

Day16Friday is supposed to be my day off, but I exceptionally had to work on that day, so I tried to stay positive by dressing cheerfully nautical. It kind of worked! I’m wearing a me-made skirt, blouse and cardigan.

DAY 17 (Saturday)

Day17I stayed at home the whole day for that long due date with my sewing machine, and the weather suddenly changed and got MUCH warmer, so it’s kind of a miracle that I even got out of my pyjamas, and I don’t think I would have had it not been for Me-Made-May! I put on that comfortable and unwrinkleable dress and I was good to go! No shoes, it was that warm! Okay, confession time: I spent most of the day with an ugly white cotton sport sock on my right foot (yes, only on the one foot!) to protect it from getting burnt by the presser foot of my very vintage sewing machine which has a tendency to overheat. Very sexy. And I should definitely get that presser foot fixed, I know…

DAY 18 (Sunday)

Day18I’m wearing a me-made tee and a new skirt. This is kind of a sneak peek of the skirt, so I won’t tell more about it except that I made it following Tilly’s Picnic Blanket Skirt tutorial. I wore that outfit to go to a yard sale under the sun and the whole time I couldn’t believe I was wearing sandals and no tights!

Day18.2When the sun got down, I put on a me-made cardigan. It’s weird how different my hair looks in the two pictures by the way: I swear I took them on the same day! Oh, and sorry about the bra lines, one of the perks of that thin rayon knit.

Conclusions of the week:

– My me-made wardrobe is much fuller than I thought at the beginning of the challenge.

– Apparently my hair looks curly when I look at my left, and straighter when I look at my right. Weird indeed…

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